being Single is awesommme~~

Why being single is awesome?

1) no need to report to extra person ( mum already so fAN wei~)

2)no tears nor hurts

3)You can feeel love from everyone wihtout feeling guilty

4) Other gender will automatically come towards u

5)You can hang out with anyone anywhere anytime without worrying for d special one nor d special one have to worry for u

6)Get extra privileges~ ( girl’s secret)

7)Eat watever u want without worrying ur bf would complain that ur getting fatter or uglier

8)More of ur own privacy

9)Spend more time to know urself, Love urself and family~

10)Friendship bond closer among various friends !!!


*Some friends that i know are seeking for mates everytime. Love will come when it comes.Dont have to keep searching for it and patience is very important ( that’s what i learnt)

THIS SEM BREAK ! ~ i HAD BEEN busy working various types of job. I worked at 1 U for automods as a show girl modelling for volkswagen gold GTI – Here are the pics! ^^



The one for autogridz is Priscilla chew~ she’s so much taller than me~!! but she’s super cute~ ^^

The guys i worked with are really nice n friendly~ ^^


I also worked as part time graphic designer for this company.In fact,i really enjoyed doing this job although its boring but it’s not as tired as standing the whole day. rap logo 2

I’d been eating alot……><~~~~~~~ gain 3 Kgs but now! Im on my slimming diet !!

Ate at a Jap restaurant @ kepong metroprima

I luv this pea~

DSC07177 DSC07180

This is Jap coldmee…. Many friends told me it taste horrible… But for me…YUMMMY~~~


the BAO Bing atKepong Metroprima is awesome ! I luv d mango ice on top with cheese below… YUMMMYYYY gila… but super fattening… the chocolate ice is also not bad… ( now u knw how i gain weight ;P)


My alll time CHEAPEST favourite dessert!!!

After quitting from Mcd..I fall in luv with Gei Dak sek’s mango Lo LO !!! Its my all time favourite~~

NOt tooo fattenin also~~


This salad is from Paddington pancake house…Weird huh?go there n eat salad.. ;p 

Honestly… not nice… the gravy is too little~


LUv d (mother fucker)-right pink drink!It taste awesoooommme!!~

ps-I didnt get drunk at all~ we were just watching football at sanctuary… how weird~ =P


Besides, i had been working at the KL gift n premium fair with my bro~

Honestly, i dislike the boss as he doesn't appreciate us even though we worked hard for him.Nota single word thanks you instead telling me that he’d given us chance to gain experience. As what i had realized, our booth was located strategically and we had very good flow all the time. We had to work from 9am till 7pm which actually stated 10am till 6pm. Our break time was only 10 minutes. We were far from our sales target as the boss had set too high sales target. It was the most hard core job i ever had done in my life. Yet, Im glad that i met new friends and many new job opportunity.

P280510_12.19_[02] DSC07332   DSC07065_conew1

It was very kind for my friends to bring me to I-city~ its a very nice and romantic place… ;P

The idea of visiting this place was so random that i didnt even bring my camera~ ><!

DSC07940 DSC07941 DSC07947 DSC07952 

Been shopping n Hanging out with Bei Shan~ ^^

We had so many things in common- our attitude( i think she’s more severe in making decision ;P), our shoppin habit, star sign ( pisces), type of man we get attracted to , left handler as well!


Been out for a Singk session with the meetoto guys~ Woah~~ though they look lala but  they sing nice !!!!!!!!

After all these work, I pampered myself with SHOPPPING~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seldom purchase “brand” items, thus these are my first so called “ branded” items lah~;p

Guess wallet which i luv it a lot !! and BAGS BAGS BAGS from elle, suzy smith,carlorino n guy laroche


Bought 2 pairs of new heels… one more is a white wedges… not that special la… Luv this heels a lot!!!

TADAAAA!!! the most expensive item i ever bought ! NIKE trilite running shoes!!!!!!!~~


Mike present me this as a gift for fun..

Thx so much for being a dearie n feeding me a lot !

hope u hav a safe trip yea ^^

DSC07446 - Copy

3 Grannies are staying with me now… thus, i wont be hanging out till late nites for this whole month~ ;( sad but who knows! its a blessing in disguise ;p)

Im goin to Singapore soon ~ =)


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