Im Back n IM OUt ~

WEll, Sorry guys for closing my blog awhile cause i needed some time of myself for a certain period. Im now back to blogging and i wana tell u guys although i seem to cool off the night life and various fun jobs, Im still loving n enjoyin my life !


For 2 years i had been travelling back and forth from rawang and it has been a very tiring journey. My classmate –Micha told me one day about our college providing cheap yet nice hostel for us and within one week ~ Im HERE !!!!! I’ve been living at this small condo for a month now and it has been the most pleasant month i ever had. I make new GREAT AWESOME  girl friends, I COooked and do housework more often, I get less sleep but more companion to share my thoughts with. SO this is what hostel life is !!!

Here are some pictures of me making over my hostel room! We( ME and my classmate) got the master room ! and I made my own accessories hanger !!! MUM ANd DAD are awesome for helping me shifting into this house ! ;) HEART Them soooo MUCH!!! Blood is definitely thicker than water ;)

DSC08124 DSC08128 DSC08129 DSC08133 

ONE most troublesome thing is the WASHING MACHINE !!!! WHY on earth they gave us Half auto MAchine!! I’d rather they buy some cheaplak brand with auto than some Toshiba half auto washing machine! SUPER MA fan~~ >_<!!!!!


During these period, i spend lots of time with my family @ genting clubhouse ~ It’s nice to have early morning walk around there as the weather there is awesome!



I GAINED 6kgs !!!! And DOnate blood at last !! SuPER FAT WEI!!! >_<!!!!

and I worked MATTA fair and furniture fair for FIRST TIME !!!

working at promoters help to gain a lot of knowledge about product ! Well, I do hope i can be a SMART consumer in the future. ;)



AND MY AWESOME MOST HOUSEMATE WHICH IS now I’m glued to her 24 hours, missing her always, worrying her and always coming home early just to be with her ;)!!!

HER name is – Chui Ling

* GUESS HER AGE* !! ( BET u cant guess right~ )

My first impression of her was like.. Hmmm some fussy girl~ Cause when she first see the house she complain about the room to the management . But as i get along and get to know her, her beauty starts to slowly Shine from within. She’s bubbly ! HAppy! Smiley~ always there to comfort me when i emo~ help me wash me baju without condition ~ Generous in foooood n etc ;p (* though she’s an accounts student ) , She’s HELPFul and STRONG ! ( help me break the door knob when i got stuck outside >_<!) She’s HUMBLE and thoughtful.She cooks very well !!!!! MOST of all~ WE clicked so well together!!

Thus , never judge a book by its cover.



Lately , I’ve entered our college’s council called SEGi ENTREPRENEURSHIP COUNCIL ~

I’ve heard of this council before and used to desire to join to council and NOW IM IN It!!!

Well, Im now in charge of it’s' every event designing and also in charge of the internal marketing. Assignment’s are due soon and now Im Freaking busy with my life yet Im still loving it as i have wonderful loving people around me ;) Life has never gone better after a good rest of internal self. I learn so much things and will keep on my pace ~ AJA!!!

Here are the posters i design ;)

   sec LAUNCH BANNERsmall Innospark poster

Ps – Life is full of surprises and I’m also full of surprises ~ :)


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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