Wedding,WORK and HOMEWORKSss !!!

Lately i had been busy attending friend’s wedding and its making me FAT !!!! Well, a 9 course dinner served with delicious delicacies are definitely irresistible. Then, it makes me realize that time flies really fast as its my first time attending a friend’s wedding! Sooner or later it might be my turn or more of my turn of attending more weddings! Well, an early marriage isn't in my list as I would prefer to have settle all my rest desires before settling down with much lots of responsibilities. As i grow older, i felt that the heavier my responsibilities are. Besides, the amount of jobs i’m handling, amount of assignments are piling up as well. No doubt I’m still in my honey moon as i had just step into a relationship. Although i lack of social networking yet i don’t feel neglected as i realize i had spent more quality time on true networking as well as improving my love life. Seeing relations of other families shook me up to remind me that i have to treat my own family that way too. Well, Im currently in the middle of accomplishing 3 assignments. To cut this short, let the pictures talk.

The bride is my secondary school friend- Chooi Mun~ pretty huh?



Cassandra and I lost contact over 7 years and she is now damn blardy Gorgeous !!


During the wedding, I falled in LOVE With this HANDSOME THING--


WORK would be tiring as i had just done a Bank islam commercial shoot. This shoot was sorta my childhood dream where i dreamt of entering a mall alone and able to take whatever i want without paying at all. I had the chance to shoot midnight in COLD Storage! However, i cant even buy or touch the items there. Most of the time….all of up slept when we had the time to rest…. IT’s FREAKING Tiring !! and worst of all…. Pimples kept popping out right after that insufficient sleep !

S P151010_03.05_[02] P151010_05.02 P151010_05.02_[02] P151010_05.05_[01] P151010_05.05_[04]


Well, my stay over there has trained me well to cook by myself . INTERESTING HUH??  Well, my housemates liked my fried taugeh most!! ;p

DSC00142 DSC08591       P200910_08.06_[01]    DSC00143

My love?

*He’s cute, long winded, talkative, patient,very caring and sweet~

DSC00182edited DSC00172

Lately, I had learnt a lesson – Punctuality

I'm trying my very best to amend this bad habit of mine so ~

Wish me All the BEST!

With LOVE,



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