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Becka is leaving to Australia !!!! So~ Last Thursdaywe held a small party at her house.Meanwhile, I and my partner – ZOEY had plans to open an online boutique store since weeks ago.So, that day also we had a photoshoot of our sotcks at Becka’s place . THANKS BECKA SOOOOO MUCH for becoming our MODEL n HOST!!! She’s a wonderful friend.

It had been awhile i MIA among my friends as i was busy with assignments and “ LOVe”. Well, I will super DUPERLY miss Becka alot !!! She had been with me during ups and down… and most of the time she sees me cry ! LOLZ!!! The first time we got close was due to one of my break up and then she was with me during the another broken relationship as well. Her twin brothers were also fun joining us going for events etc. Photoshooting with Becka was also a nice memory as that moment i hadn’t learn make up and had already become her stylist and make up artist! So many memories between me and her and she has seen my weight going from FAT to thin and from Thin to FAT~ but never seen me growing any taller.. ;(

Seriously, i always look up and admire Becka a lot. She’s tall,matured, sporting and very OKay person~! We use to shop alot and ponteng class together just to go somewhere and walk. When i feel weak emotionally, I will think to be like Becka- Strong and decisive. We both are not matching in personality wise but we have the CLick to non stop talk and talk and talk..I remembered once i even had exams the next morning but that night i kept chatting with Becka till super late. Well, she use to go off once a while to Australia and Singapore… and now this time she will be going off super loonng time.Well, this time i’ll make sure i save money to travel Australia and find her ! I do wish her all the best in whatever she does in the future !! I’llmiss u LOTS WEI BECKA!!!!


ME, BECka n Ollie~

We all three used to be in SEGi council and hang out together~


This is what their crazy family does ! ~ OMG they dont look burden carrying me… 0_0!

As usual~ Me n BEcka are clever POSERS!! Wakakaaaaa


Its been a while I’m in a relationship but this status is kinda discreet or maybe most friends are immune to my change of status. Well, that’s part of the reason I’m making it discreet as well. The age towards freedom is coming soon and I keep reminding myself about being more serious in whatever i do. Moving out is also one of training method to increase the maturity within me. Well, its about 3 months of this relationship and it’s as steady as a rock. My previous experience indeed helped me out in reasoning and choosing the best of all. Such made me realized that Love is in the eyes of beholder and it can blind us when it comes.It’s not the wealth nor fun of it but the effort of taking responsibility.

  My first impression of him was – “Eww, No way i would fall in love with this guy

2nd impression was – “Hmmmm can talk a lot with him, can be a nice buddy

Then we became friends and positive impressions shadowed the negative ones blinding my eyes and then i realized I found The One…

The picture below interprets something. Where it looks like I’m falling into a deep hole and suddenly a Man grabs my waist, kissed me and saved me out from that hole.

Every picture Talks


It’s my first ever branded purse~ Love given by him.



One day, I visited sheBURPS very very loud girl and read her blog and gave her encouragement words after reading her emotional case. I was surprised to see someone that tells everyone she burps very loud. I felt that she’s a very cute , funny, jovial and entertaining Girlfriend. Then, she replied my post ! Which was so unusual and added fb , then i asked her out for Watsons’ event randomly on MSN n she said YES! from then…Our friendship started~ and now…

                                                We’re PARTNERS!

IMG_8596 IMG_8590

Both of us had a dream of having our own online boutique and from then we planned, discussed our future of starting up a blogshop! Since we both have quite similar names, we name our shop ZOEY n’ ZOE ! Here is our blogshop’s design.


HERE’s the Preview of our blogshop’s items…

We’re launching it SOON!!!

~1st DECEMBER 2010 ~

Footwear Handbag Jumpsuit Pants Skirt   Dress   




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