Great Day Malaysian Movie Review

MALAYSIAN MOVIE??? Sure not nice wan lah!!! ---I was kinda reluctant to watch malaysian movies as the previous comments for Malaysian movies wasnt that good. Then. i went to search forums reviewing this coming new year movies. Its either to choose Faster or Great Day- The Rock n M'sia~ Surprisingly, many comments were on the Malaysia side!

Then, i decided to try out this movie. To my surprise, the shooting scene was not as dull as before, with great editing and songs accompanying this movie, and also touching story lines with some funny acts, made me watch this movie till its end. This movie even had me crying in certain parts. Well, the preview is quite confusing for those who havent watch yet its funny for those who watch as we know its meaning. Overall, I like the little bunny doll .. hmmm wonder where can i get it. I give a 4 STARS out of 5 for this MOVIE !
Even malays or indians should watch em too ! U'll never regret ! ;)

 This is one of the songs i like most in the movie... Its just so nice~

I'm gonna watch this show nex n review bout it yea! The review is soo funny... tempting my heat to watch it ! >_

CNY is comin? Where are u guys heading to? Im heading NORTH n Im planning to improve my relationship with my love ones instead of ON9 , SMS, shopping~ Life is SHORT, Im gonna spend it wisefully.

* Though there are many unfortunate events happening around these weeks, lots of tears, pain, arguements, yet......I believe that this CNY would be a great start ! HAPPY EARLY CNY ! 
-hearts- Feli~


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