hAPPY bUNNY cny! Christians do celebrate Cny!


Dong dong  chiang ! Dong Dong Chiang ~ Well, some of my friends out there thinks that Christians doesnt celebrate Chinese New year and i do know some christians who doesnt celebrate that either. Well, for our family ~ it’s a must ! Why? cause we are CHINESE !

First of all, Chinese is a RACE and Chriatianity is a RELIGION . Both are different ! Soooo different~ So why must get confused between these both? Even my chinese muslims friends do celebrate this celebration as well. So~ Please dont get confused between these two yea :) We get Ang Paus too !

Most of our New year , we had to travel to north and yet we do decorate our house. However , not with those red lanterns outside the house. Mum was being create to decorate the christmas tree with ang paus ! This year we got a new 39 inch tv,  tv cabinet as well as a new white shelf for me ! :) And i get rid of my make up table~



My items are always not organized. Thus , i got a mounting board, cutted it into long pieces to divide my items into different sections. :) Its so much neat and I dont get them messy !


Previously i arrange my accessories in the cupboard like this ~


Yet now~ Here is the new white cupboard ! On the right hand ~ I made my own bangle stand with PVC pipe + wood+ cloth wrapping it. Looks like those selling in the shops eh~ :)

 P310111_08.41_[01] P310111_08.42

At night~ with the lamp on~My room looks a bit creepy… ;p


This is the white cage lamp i made… Its really gorgeous at night :)


This is my grandma~ sometimes i wonder… how would i look like when Im Old… Hmmmm~


BTw~ I spotted this cute Slipppers !! Too bad its not my size~ Interesting huh?


This is me with my old Golden hair.. and now CNY Black Blurry GHost look~ :P

 P181210_13.40    Resize_P030211_15.19_conew1

What do you think ? Which hair colour looks better on me?

PS* I’ll miss my relatives :)

btw check out Zoeynzoe.blogspot.com for our latest channel tatoo ! I realized it can lasts up to a week ! Im having one on my arm and that one lasts longer.. The one on my wrists is fading off a bit already! Its such a great unique product ! I Luv this so much ~ ! :)



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