March bikini Shots


Ever wonder how would I look like in bikini ?
Its been quite awhile since my last shoot and this time I really enjoyed it.
There are times I wonder.....
 what makes me contented
what makes me smile
what makes me happy
what makes me blessed
The question is still there.
I used to be affirmed with my choice
yet the world change, everything change
and here I am
confused yet with all the advices and support from friends
at last i have decided
to let go off the bond and start from a blank sheet
Though my future might seem unclear
All i know is hapiness and joy comes from within
 and I love myself most.
Thus, Im living it till my FULLEST !

Any outgoing activities such as
Hiking, camping, backpacking, marathon,charity,movies etc
is what I enjoy most and I love meeting new people and making new friends everywhere and anywhere personally...

Never Under estimate a Women's flexibility

 u came into my life
and make my life whole
yet as we hold our hands together down the road
I changed and lost my identity
love is a knowledge that has to show its affection
you lack of this knowledge
I cant teach and guide u this road
I'll let u go, yet Im always here to support u 
I'll nver forget u 

A Special-effect Makeup artist , speaks 7 languages and loves to share her lifestyle, beauty and travelling experience here. She also shares her secret to learning languages on her Youtube channel.

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