I’m 21, Just entered the legal age

Future, seems blur and unplanned

Life, was certain but now uncertain

Yet, I feel the same immature young girl

not even prepared for the world neither fir a baby

full of curiosity about life knowing the dangers beyond them

found new activities that sparks up my life

going through hormonal stability which bring pros and cons

lost in the midst not knowing what should i emphasize on

knowing the immatureness yet reluctant to change

Being spontaneous yet unorganized and unplanned

Making me realize the “whatever” attitude in me

shall make my life miserable

looking forward to something relaxing spices things up

However, rational actions have to take into considerations

Sometimes, being over confident stresses me up

hoping too much might even cause disappointments

Follow your heart is what everyone says…..

Decisions, regrets and what we are afraid of

I’m lost , I need my Lord……

A Special-effect Makeup artist , speaks 7 languages and loves to share her lifestyle, beauty and travelling experience here. She also shares her secret to learning languages on her Youtube channel.

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