My 21st Burffffday!!

Celebrated my birthday @ MOS again this year with another birthday girl CRYSTAL!!! (She’s SINGLE n Pretty !!) And Again~ I cut my hair with fringe



ME, Alex, Cristabelle,Kelly,Crystal and JOYCE!

DSC00161_conew1 DSC00162_conew1   DSC00082_conew1 DSC00083_conew1DSC00084_conew1 DSC00085_conew1DSC00086_conew1 DSC00087_conew1DSC00088_conew1DSC00089_conew1 DSC00092_conew1 DSC00093_conew1DSC00095_conew1  DSC00100_conew1 DSC00101_conew1 DSC00102_conew1 DSC00105_conew2 DSC00106_conew1 DSC00107_conew1 DSC00110_conew2 DSC00114_conew1 DSC00115_conew2  DSC00129_conew1DSC00133_conew1 DSC00144_conew1

ALEX is SINGLE and available as well. Don’t get fooled by his look actually he’s not that young. And.. MY FACE IS BIGGER than his ! –.-!!!


The Tallest guy is cute~I mean really CUTEEEEEEEE~~ >_<


I’ve been taking care of Kids lately and it ain’t EASY !!! >_<! Yet They are super adorable~

Here are the pics!!



This BOY here is IAN! My favourite ~ coconut hair style :)

The Little red shirt girl is a bully =.=!


Im going to REDANG SOOOOOONNN~~ Hope this wont expand by then~  ( Vomit too much tummy so flat >_<!)

Thx for reading :)


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