4 stages you will go through in a relationship



In a Long period of relationship, both couples would face 4 stages

The maturity of a relationship, starts from these stage known as


This is the first stage of crush , the feeling of deeply in love, curiosity,

anxiety. Couples would be very close together at this stage, miss each other 24 hours, wont even feel bored being together whole time.

2nd stage :Counter-dependant

When the relationship is stable and going to a get used to each other’s presence situation,

its either one would be more keen / interested to do whatever they want to do themself without their  partner. From here then, either one would feel neglected,less loved,lonely and being left alone.


3Rd stage: Independent

Here is when both couples learn how to plan and organize their own free time for their own as here requires high tolerance and understanding.

In such situations, quarrels and disagreements of plans will happen in this stage; thus to maintain this stage would require either one to give in.

4th Stage : Interdependant

From here, there is a new way of communication ,support and treat each other formed as the relationship is stable with inter connection of feelings and thoughts. The He/ She in you, has became your LOVE one. Together you support each other , building your own dreams of future, there is filial trust , together enjoy the fun and go through sad times, growing in faith,maturity and love. True Love only starts in this stage. It is though experience not memories, it is a team ship not bed ship, it is sharing, not feelings.

I can tell you honestly, I had never enter stage 4.

Most couples out there stop at stage 2 or stage 3…

Which stage are you now ?


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