Are you both compatible for each other in Love?

The feeling of Love
is always sweet in the beginning,
When there is a companion
There is someone whom you can share with,
At last, You are not lonely anymore,
At least, there is one person whom is 
 Misses  you,
Understand you,
In whatever you do
As long as you are both together,
Everything seems wonderful ....

Yet as time flies,
When there is a deeper understanding of each other,
You begin to discover each other's shortcomings,
More and more issues and disagreements pops out,
You then start to feel tired and troubled
Most of the time, 
You even want to feel like running away.

Some say... love is like picking up rocks,
always hoping for the one that suits u,
reading horoscope, seeking other's advice to find out how compatible you both are,
But how do you know when will you pick it?
or even is He / She is suitable for you,

In fact,
Love takes time like how to polish stones,
Perhaps the time you just pick it up,
You are not so satisfied,
But remember humans are flexible,
Many things can be changed,
As long as have determination, courage,
Rather than keep picking up various unknown stones
You will never ever manage to polished a stone,
Have you even started polishing one?
Or are you the one that pick up and throw?

Most of us think that our feelings faded
Yet, It's the laziness within that makes the relationship dull.
 If everyone is
Too lazy to speak,
Too lazy to listen,
Too lazy to create surprise,
Too lazy to show their care,

* So remember:
Love is an Energy! don't be lazy 

 Scenario one:
Couples A plans for a date 
however, on that day,
 GF(A) handphone was out of battery to inform BF(A) that she'll be late due to meeting
Half an hour later, BF(A) wasn't there as well and when she found him
He scolded her without listening to her explanation.
GF(A) broke into tears and thought : It's over....

Scenario two:
Similarly to the previous scenario,
The BF waited the half hour for his GF
and said :" Are you fine? I was so worried of you?Thank God you're safe"
and Hugged her tight...
The GF was touched with tears,
feeling proud having such BF in this world.

 Love nor Hate is just an instant thought of our own,
Love, is being understanding and patience. 

Have you ever told yourself that :" I must find someone i Love Soooo much and then only I'll accept him as my BF?"
But when others ask you,
What makes you  love a person?
Do you know the answer then?
In fact, we always think that we will always find someone we can LOVE so much.
 Yet then we look back
and realize how naive we were 
cause there is no such thing at love without knowing a person well. 

In fact,
the feeling of LOVING A PERSON SO MUCH ,
takes time to nurture,
and Is to experience a lot of things together
then discovering it.

If you are confused for love,
Perhaps the following words can give you some inspiration:

Loving someone,
is to understand
and be open to each other ;
To apologize, and to show gratitude;
To admit his fault, but also error your own correction;
Be considerate, but also understanding;
Is to accept, rather than endure;
Is tolerance, not condemn;
Is to support, not dominate;
Is talk, not complain;
Is memorable, but not to be forgotten;
Is to discuss and communicate with each other, rather than explaining everything;
Is a silent pray for each other,
Not demanding from each other,
It shall be eternal from the point you 
own them wholly.


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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