Aprilicious Party Fever!


Johnny Walker Black Circuit
After awhile since I stopped going events, Im back on track! Thanks to Zoey as well as Joshua Law!
We got VIP pass indont have to queu! 
It was a day after work at Wah Chan and Again! Im partyin with Jolene!
They are so pretty!!!
And Again! Its been awhile since I met Pauline~ the first time i met her was when she's not in Make up and WOW! She looks so HWAT in Make up!
There, I met more bloggers! Adverlets ! New faces~ Woah i feel old
Donovan, Zlwin, Michelle~ All the popular ones eh!
HERE Is RESHMONU! OMG! I cant believe i took pic with him!
Here's Joshua! Thanks Again!
Cindy the famous blogstar on my left!

Thanks Zlwin for this event partyin with Jolene! 
Had few tequila shots, jagerbomb etc..
 and i got to dance in the DJ's booth! Awesome!
Met few Australian friends! He's really got the Aussie Accent.. DuDE~~~~

Do i Look tipsy? You Guess
Well , this iranian guy dances really funny! He dances in the traditional way and it entertains me so much!
I prefer dorky guys in the clubs than guys with Octopus hands.. Ewww U suck and i'll punch you! 
This was another event to aid Zlwin's magic but then it was a great night out without much dancing but knowing new friends again! This is Peter from Australia! He's d gangsta with porkcupine hairstyle!
He's really funny and cool and i got fooled! I really thought he was a gay when i asked him so.. Oh Well, he's one good break dancer and got Big Arms~ can cuddle when Im there at Melbourne! Arrhh anticipation~~
Another Party at Zouk would be with my classmates! Its my first night out with them and WOAH! Some can really dance!!! SEGI COLLEGE  KL Girls! Wooo~ come Segi n check us out ;p

This wasnt a party but Jacky's wedding! It was my 2nd time getting real drunk but it doesnt hurts this time in fact i realize my drunk effect takes about an hour plus! I only vomit when I got back! It was great meeting up new friends and yes I LOOK so thin in here!! I think its some effect when people around you seems bigger you'll seem so thin and tiny huh?
Here's some latest gifts and stuffs i got.. Thank so much for caring for me! I know i sleep late a lot

F in Gold with shiny studs!! I was like OMG!! My name my name !! and I got it!!

More things coming up! Stay tuned to know my latest activities in life. Thanks for reading. :D

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