Carlsberg Makeover

OLD Design

NEW Design !

As you can see there isnt any stickers on the bottle of the new glass of carlsberg which means more environmental friendly ! Thumbs up for their design with better grip and stronger feel with the embroiled words on the glass bottle!

ON the Event Launch Day
 The launch had a tent set up around their factory area and meanwhile waiting for the event to start , we had a visit to their factory viewing their history and various baby brands. It was a splendid experience!
This is a picture painted before we entered the show room. 
The world famous Elephant Gate at Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen, Denmark
Though the sun was Hot, they had good fans at the tent with great service of young pretty ladies serving us chilled Carlsberg.

As you can see, everyone was having a great time under the hot weather!
 The organizer is superb professional! * THUMBS UP*

Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Mr Soren Ravn Speaking
* ( He's a German! and 26 yrs old ! So young being at such high position!)
The came the launching where i think its so creative!
 Mr Soren had to climb up HIGH press a button so the cloth covering the new logo would fall off.
However, the wind was so strong that makes it hard it to fall off as the logo is in 3D form.
Sadly, sometimes pretty things don't come off easily ! 
While waiting, Mr Soren called up a few his Friends without the safety tools!
We couldnt wait much longer and Taddaaa!! It got stuck but later on they manage to do it MANUALLY! " This reminds me during school time, we had to manually raise the Malaysian Flag from the pole.

And so! This is the New Carlsberg Logo ! Mr Soren with the gorgeous girls. 
"That calls for Carlsberg!"
Later on a truck came by and the curtains removed , we were shocked!!! 
This is so creative ! A performance band on a TRUCK?!
After the Music there came DANCERS!!! Woah! I felt like dancing with them but ... Oh well, 
I might be stepping on some of their toes.. >_

Everything ended OUTDOOR wise, and then we head to the Indoor session to listen more about the new Branding strategy of Carlsberg.

According to Soren Ravn, 1 out of 2 drinkers prefer Carlsberg as it is famous in Malaysia. 
 "With this new global initiative, we are out to bring the other 1 out of 2 beer drinkers into the fold, so Carlsberg may be raised in every occasion!" 
Being de-centralized for years, Carlaberg is now more focusing by standardizing their taste, branding , design , etc. It is quite similar towards the Coca-cola's steps however, both vary in their target market and perform in different systematic ways. Being globalize doesn't mean than Carlsberg have to localize to the taste of every nation. Yet, Beer is something to be raise every occasion reuniting every nation together as one. 

                                                             CARLSBERG PROMOTIONS

From now till 20 May 2011,there will be a showcase of 6 Gorgeous Sexy Female Deejays at Carlsberg outlets throughout MALAYSIA! They Drop dead gorgeous I swear they look like victoria secret models and don't ever miss your chance to meet them during these events!! But before showing you their pictures, See me first if not later on u'll puke when u compare my face with theirs!

Zoey invited me for this event and its been awhile so this is my first event of the YEAR! *Hugs*
Justin( Right) in from Catcha Publishing, he's really cute when he gets red after drinking Carlsberg.
Met Joshua Law ( blogger) during this event as well~ Then he also invited me and Zoey for the Black Circuit Lounge event! Thx Dude!

Wokay! Here's the Deejays!!
This is Carlotte Narni ( hottest Ever!!)
Sam Cooke! ( OMG! is this for real?)
Ms Kelly Marie
Sassy Pandez


15 April 2011; One Club. Penang
20 April; Eurostar, Sunway Pyramid
21 April; Volar, Ipoh
22 April; Fuel, Penang
27 April; Slippery Senorita, Penang
28 April; Platinum, Kuantan
29 April; Aloha, Jalan P. Ramlee, KL
5 May; Rootz, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL
6 May; Fuel, Penang
7 May; Gsix, Gardens KL
11 May; Sultan Lounge, KL
12 May; MOIS, Penang
13 May; Aloha, KL
18 May; FAME, Penang
19 May; 20 May; to be confirmed

Details; call 03 2287 2255 Deborah Loo or


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