Cleo 50 Becholors @ MIST CLUB


You must be thinking We were desperate Huh? 
CLEO Bachelors 
Why Not?
Well, I had never attend such event before and thought it would be great to just have a look. Didnt realize that some of our friends would be among the Bachelors lists! (I thought he had a gf?)
Oh well, Bachelors means as long you are not married but most of them are attached so whats the point? 

This dance was entertaining, yet i personally dont think all are females :)

Well, we had the chance to paly with the bachelors! How? Someone from Cleo saw us and asked us to join.. Thats how lucky we were... I guess!
Honestly, He's cute.. Daniel Betz

So yea! This is me on stage and OMG! Phat Fabes hold me hands... *Shy*
I used to watch late night quickies when i was a teen and i like to see him cause he's really funny with RINA!
They both entertained me!
Au Kar Wai,, My Game Partner!
Well , It was some lame game dressing up the man in mannequin and he dressed the doll something totally not matching mine.. 
Yet, He is so famous and loved that most cheered for him~ So I Won! 3 Rm10 Jusco Voucher :)
There were performance of dance and singing by the bachelors which was facinating
They also had some games like Char rate but then the guys had to write with their Butts! Then the picture below was a game where three people had to cooperate to hold on the ball. Its a combination of 3 different body parts yo! Funny to see how the team works Imagine Butt < Face < Dck? 

Here is a clear look of him. Geez we both look like siblings!

Daniel Betz!

Some other contestants that entered the game with us as well! :D  It was great meeting them too!
He got a funneh HAIR and attitude and FaCE! So do i here!

And Thanks the Fly FM guy- Kelvin for the passes~! Muackkz!!
Ram! Yes this guy was my first pick when i saw the board outside not knowing any bachelors.

The Smile.. U get what i mean huh?

                                                                         Mior Luqman!
                                           He's got a great nice VOICE!!!
                                                          DARREN TEH from the band  An Honest mistake!
                                                 Another Daren which is Super Tall!
                                                          She's Kai wai's friend!
                                                           Ernie! He's super energetic dancing all night!!

 Hope you have fun seeing those Leng Chais! Btw.. Josiah Mizukami won~ 

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