Corona @ Cinco de Mayo ~ Mexicano Party

Corona Extra at Las Carretas 
Speaking of Cinco de Mayo the biggest mexican festival,
I was given the opportunity to experience such festival in Malaysia. 
Thanks to Corona Extra which tastes not so gassy with additional of Lime in it, it tastes GREAT compared to the rest beers i ever had ! 
Ever wondered why Mexicans have this festival?
In 1862,4000 brave yet ill Mexican soldiers defended and WON over 8000 well equipt French Soldiers!
It must be the BOOST from CORONA EXTRA that gave them SUPER POWER!
So drink CORONA when ur ill ~XD
So here's the event with 2 pretty girls in Las Carretas entertaining our day!

Here's the Mexican ME Drinking  CORONA + 3 Tequila Shots + Coma
Thanks Deborah for inviting us to this pleasant event!
Here's my date for the event : My ex! We're still good friends ~
He look so funny !
Ok! Now Im HAIRY!!!
Shiuan and Tim Chew ( Malaysia's Hottest Blogger's Founder) With A Hot Girl!
Steak which taste awesome at Las Caretas ! Recommended!
Poppers! Mexican food -Chilli Stuffed with Cheese and tasty stuffs!
Naomi and I joined the Limbo Rock event! She WON!!

This fella here looks like MR POTATO huh?
Garlic Bread + Tasty Mussels! Love the sauce!
I got high on CORONA!
This event was fully sponsored by Corona and had promotion of BUY 1 FREE 1 Corona for the day!
This restaurant also have tasty Nachos, Tortillas and many More! YUMMMMY!
Among the events held that day that we participated were
• Latin dance- I have to Shake SO MUCH!!
• Limbo challenge- OUCH MY BACK!
• Beer games - I FAILED!
• Pinatas session- Shiuan hitted one of those!!

Remember Cinco de Mayo, Remember CORONA!

Thanks for reading, Catcha SOON!


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