Fragrance and Love

Do you agree that Smells can create different feelings?
Pleasant , Sexy, Horny, Happy, Irritated, Nausea, Disgusted
Well, it is for me.
What turns a women ON?
Me answer will be ~
Does that works on Men? 
You know what? I Don't care cause Its my smell~

I have this great sense of smells which turns on my memory even when i was in kindergarten!
I can remember clearly that my kindergarten teacher used perfumes like Elizabeth Garden and mum's friend uses Lancome Tresor ( which is hate most). As i grew up, i started off using Mist Spray , deodorant spray thats all. Then during high school, it was my first time spray on a PERFUME ! It was Dior Addict 2 !
( sneaked into my aunt's room just for fun ~ ;p)
Here, the story begins, I fell in love with this perfume. It costs a bomb for me so i never thought of purchasing such item when i was young. Then later on as i grew,soon i forgot about this perfume yet it still remains as my first perfume Lover.

Soon, someone sweet gave me this perfume as a first date gift. I was worried this perfume wouldnt suit my preference, However, to my surprise, it was light, soft , sweet just nice.. yet it doesnt makes me feel Loved. I treasure this, uses this sometimes during occasions but i never miss it's smell.

Later on , I worked at clinique and found out this less- famous perfume brand. At first, due to working there, i spray it everytime at work , no matter how many sprays, it doesnt make me nausea, it was just fine. It made me Happy, it made my day, It made me feel like in Love... However, later on my days at work were over, 
misunderstanding happened in that workplace and i chose to not go there anymore. Yet, the smell remains in my mind, soul and memories.
Unexpectedly, I had another Love gift (Flora Gucci) and it made me delighted. Yet, the smell~ Urghhhh....
I accepted the gift with gratitude, yet, truth beneath is that I cant live with this smell, it makes me nausea.
The Brand is famous and luxurious, packaging is gorgeous, yet i realize, such might not suit me. I realize, I prefer simplicity, light and easy that makes my day start with a Smile.
Lastly, I chose HAPPY HEART Clinique, also another love gift. Thanks for the gifts. I feel blessed in this world to receive so many gifts. It warmth my heart, it made me Happy. 


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