Henessy Artistry @ Opera = FAILED

The recent Henessy Artistry event at Opera was a FAIL event but then i shall talk about it after the pictures~
So Ai vern and XXX was there.. They went off early right after the stop of free flow at the lowest session! Smart Dudes!
Met Samantha Again and her Friend ! Yeah! They got Free French Fries from next table! ~ Munch munch

The later on We got up to the VIP zone to chill after they stopped free flow downstairs


And SAM CHee again~ He kept playing the Ipad Game to win the limited edition Gold HA!

Here is Luciano the dancer performer !He got nice Abs!

Lastly.. Chris was there and... FUHH i love this pic.. I did some stupid dance that night for fun.. only they saw it ;p

Continue the story....
We were partin and drinking and suddenly! Woots... The lights from ceiling fall off hit the VIP end zone ! No was was hurt.saw some cracks in the ceiling and then! We all have to execute the building! WOah OPERA cant hold the weight or mayb they had a cheapo building material. So... the party ends at 1am and.. We head to Sunway Hotel! Played Mafia till 4/5am and I NEVER HAD game till 7.. slept till 10 and i Went WORK NEXT DAY!!
What a hectic Parrtyyyy~  
Nevertheless I had enough sleep after that ! 

UNAGI! BIG BG UNAGI~ My favourite.. 
* Yea Im So random !


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