Im Flying to Melbourne ALONE!

Im 21
Im Single
Im Confident
Im Flying ALONE!!
It is the crazient decision i ever made in my life 
I hope this shall be the most memorable thing ever in my life!
I'm chasing my dream......

What am I Going to do there?
Hmmmm Im gonna do whatever I want and have Fun thats all and take lots lots of picture to show you guys !
A Superb experience ! And btw Im going there 2 Weeks from June 21st Onwards!! Woots!! Im so excited~
Korea trip didnt work out yet this trip is something bolder something brighter that gives me hope and dream in my life.... 

Best of all,
Im experiencing their culture, their food, their people.
Some times i wonder how australians live with such bright sun in the early morning.
Sometimes I wonder how people live during winter
Sometimes I wonder will i get frekles over there?
Sometimes I wonder will i get FATTER overthere with the cold weather and foods.
Sometimes I wonder majority Australian Guys act cool?
Sometimes I wonder how penguins, kangaroos, koalas look for real?
Some times, I wana wear winter clothes!!!
Sometimes, I wana try not knowing anyone but then leaving knowing someone else.
Sometimes, I wana do something weird or outrageous not in my country. 
Sometimes, there is a reason for my trip....
And that boldness comes from within....
Hearts.. XOXO


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