It was the World's Nurses Day and No one in the club knows about it !
So~ I've decided to be a Nurse just on that day. It was very random, very eye catching, everyone might think Im some dancer but Im not ! Im just a simple Party NURSE!!!
Josh - Adverlets Boss invited me and Zoey and so we went there! Not expecting to meet the rest of bloggers- SAM insanity, Jason Ong, Nick,Kate !!!
 It was a sudden surprise to see all of them there!

As you can see~ I wore this at first~ at 12midnight ! I transformed into A PINK NURSE!

And so~ I danced danced ! And I had the honour to dance on top there where the dancers dance! it was awesome dancing on top where i have all the space on my own :D

I made new friends again!!

And Jason was there! ! And again NEW FRIENDS!!

And Sam was HIGH! I became HIGH too !! Too much of Long Island - Red Bull Vodka- etc etc~

I've done something SO crazy which I KISS A GIRL!!!! NO NO french kiss! Zoey tried her tongue but i rejected! NO WAY EWWwww~ anyway it was a HIGH night ! My face felt numb , I carried Zoey.. We all had lotsa FUN  ! DAMN~ I LUV the DJ  GOLDFISH! His Spins are Awesome!!!
RnB night is Sooo ME !! MUACKZZ!!!

This was another outfit of mine working @ Wah Chan :D


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