Outrageous Outdoor Stuffs

1#March =Bukit Tabur X
It was a 3 hours journey with a gang 6 of us. This is the longest journey compare to East and West Hill. 
Credits to those that guided me through. I had been seeking such activities for quite sometime. Due to the different gangs of friends i join, majority doesnt have such hobbies. Meanwhile , after the steamboat I met Alex, Liao and Haris, they brought Exciting activities in my life. I realize besides the fun of drinking and dancing, there is fun of hiking , getting myself dirty, being able to determine myself to climb to the top.. Such satisfied is unexplainable when you reach the top. It's apart of life, its my hobby since young, its now my passion.

Liao even brought Wine up there! The meadows were splendid! However, the exploitation of this area damaged apart of its beauty. 
You can never imagine how old this guy is. 
My first time finding the satisfaction within.

2#April = Gua Tempurung
We paid Rm22 for the treacherous caving  in this cave located at Ipoh. It was a large group of us, even larger as there were like 3 other big groups joining us. The whole expedition would take us 3 hours but then we had to wait for each other and queue so it tooked us 5 hours plus~
There were parts we have to slide down one by one.. YEa so we had to queue.. Kinda boring waiting..
We had to crawl.. we did some water splashing moments ! It was fun yet some older dudes were pissed off! 
HELLO! ur like here for fun~ Why not play? Guess they are too old or they hav make up on~
Anyway! there were parts where the floors were marble and water current just slide me through certain areas~ It was awesome especially offing the lights and keep quiet but then it felt freaky...
Later on we had our lunch somewhere at Ipoh and tasted a famous Tau fu fah stall which is so smooth~~  Alex then brought us to a secret place call Pi  Li Dong ( Godess Cave)
This cave was decorated with many Taoism / Buddism God. Im not sure but it was pretty. And behind there had a Garden. 

I made friends with another group of young boys during the caving cause their tour guide was so much better and nicer~ ;p and its all Boys!! I didnt met them after caving but soon we got to the Pi LI Dong ! They were there too! I was so excited that we get our facebook and took lots of pictures together!
3# Bukit Tabur West 
Pictures for this is still with my friend and it was another great but slow trip.
It was dangerous but Thank God I didnt get hurt :D

4# Bukit Putih ( AH PEK Hill)
This hiking was a bit muddy as the previous days were raining. Was an easy climb but rough down towards the waterfall. The waterfalll area wastn that big but then it was my first experience to see a long neck tortoise. They failed to catch it though. 

Has a Nice massage from the waterfall :)

On our way back we saw a truck overturned and block the road. Oh Well, nothing serious but the lorry spill the soil... OOoo~~

More trips coming up such as camping on 13-15 at Sg Congkak and 16 -17 water rafting as well as waterfall abseiling!!
I even joined badminton for every week ! Gonna train hard to win Rebecca Tan !! XD
Hectic plans in fact make my life more meaningful.


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