Student during Weekdays, Angel during Weekends

Since April, I had this part time job dressed up in White - either in Angel look, Princess Look , Balerina~ many more!
Jolene was my work mate for this event and it was Great working with her ! We shared a lot about our live, just in a short term, we hang out a lot and she's been a real good friend to me when I'm down or not well in whatever. Credits to Dandy for the pictures!" and it looked weird on her! but 
then wew changed and I wore this instead ! Looked better on me ;p

This is one of Dandy's friend ~ GF?

Here's one guy that I dont remember who but He just wanted a picture so~ here're the picture :D

If you can see~ My heels are so high but Im still shorter than Jolene! She's so tall and gorgeous!

This is Daniel, He's a very nice guy. Still Single eh! He's friendly and always hanging out lunch with us~
And caring for us too :D Honestly, he looks like a mix that lacks of muscles! I bet if he gets buffed up he'll look damn CUNN!! Its me with greece look :p
We had our meal at Garden cafe near the bridge towards Pavillion.
Honestly, it looks like very very pricey to me but however, after seating down i felt the dishes were not too pricey and just nice. 

This english tea tastes different and i love the design of the cup! Very relaxing for a break during work eh! :)
This is one tasty dish of all! Cabonara beef.. Yummyy

Here are more pictures of me at work

FYI : My Job is to attract people !!!! I give out sweets and we have FREE Lucky draw sessions for anybody! And We did a great job! Jolene is hardworking !
 I get to be close with kids in my form! Some would stare and admire... some older ones might laugh or i've even seen Diva kids rolling their eyes on me. Well, working isnt easy huh? See different types of people. One thing about this Job is that SMILE means a lot to me and it brightens up their days. I seen sick grandmothers and giving them flowers with a smile, with their return of SMILE it made my heart feel so warm and loving. Don't you think that happiness should be spread everywhere?

I remember this crowd most! They were so COOL they gave me lots of support and i did something random which is a told them to pose for my camera!
They were some situations where the crowd snatched for the vouchers given out and almost quarrel. Thank God My SMile controlled their Anger.. Lolz ( actually its the fierce Look of the security guard )

Here is our manager and Evon was replacing my friend Jolene whom couldnt come on one of the days. AWWww I miss Jolene a lot!
Thats all about my Job! I'll always be at WAH CHAN Midvalley every weekends from 12-6pm till end of May!! Do drop by and say Hi! I'll give you Sweets and SMILE!


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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