ALOHA Melbourne !

This is the beautiful dawn scene from the plane.
My anticipating moments arrived as i land on a place of strangers alone.
How did  felt?
Anxious, Energetic though i cant sleep on the plane and super excited !
  Im not a morning person but for once I couldn't sleep on a trip as my mind was so excited
: Will i shiver out there ? Hows the place ? Hows the people? Hows the building ?
  And~~~~ At last !!!! I saw something below and it was so SQUARE !! Definitely a very organized state all in squares !
On the way from the airport to my friend's place, buildings and  architecture in the city was unique but then later at the housing areas, shops were most likely a shape of a Box. Yet , houses were GORGEOUS!!!
Every houses has their own unique design ! and RED BRICKS not cemented walls !

As for food, Melbourne is known for high Asian popularity and INDEED Asians are more than Caucasians ! However, not all speak CHINESE~ some are JAP or Korean. So, my first lunch was VIETNAMESE Noodles around $11 for LARGE BOWL ~ ! The soup taste GREAT! not the meat cause it smells so cowish~ >_

They gave us FRESH Taugeh to place in the soup and weird vege ~ I personally prefer they cook it first
This is 3 layer drink , Red beans at bottom and some potato and cendol and then Santan ( coconut)~ It taste like Bubur Chacha and its like $3~ :D

We took the train and its not fast nor slow~ We had to get train tickets and its either u pay per day $7 or 2 hours $4

Actually , the train has more spaces to sit and girls there dresses up so its nice to check up on them and what they wear so pretty! I love to see their boots especially ! And you can see ppl drinking beer in day time like drinking coke ~
These are trams ~ They travel in the middle of road~ Doesnt clash with cars cause they have thier own electric track~ Its slow but unique !

As you can see there are so many ASIANS restaurants !! 

This is a building in a BUILDING! Creative huh? 

And this is where Rebecca stays ! RMIT university ! It is so Unique with those green designs on it ! Btw the LIBRARY is just beside and students always hang out there rather in U~

We had to chill at night and this mirror is so cute it makes me a dwarf !!

This is PETER Squidgy ! He got lotsa friends ! Its like going out he'll bump into few friends and Melbourne is not SMALL !

My Hot choc with Marshmellows! The marchemellows here is RICH its not so fast meltable I LOVE IT ! 

Beck's trainin her skills and i thougt her some photoshop skills so we had a photoshoot for fun and it turned out not bad ~~ !! Here are the pics ! I Luv it !
Gonna wear this dress on d Burfday party on Sat !
I bougt this dress for her and it looks so GOOODDDDDD !!
I love FURSssss~~ 
The weather here isnt that dry for me and its Im not gettng sick of the cold ! 
Aus had 4 seasons in a day its like rain then sunny and cloudy and windy~ Indeeed very TRUE!
The MOOD SWING country :D
And the UV rays here's high cause there is a hole in the ozone layer around here even the sun doesn't feel Hot~
ps : In Aus, Females comes first, then Animals , Lastly Men !
Thanks for reading ! Will be updatin more about my AUSSIE LIFE ! :D


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