绿光( GREEN Light ) Camp ! First time as a Facilitator !


Here’s a group picture of all of us. First of all , I have no idea on what am I suppose to do in this camp ! Then it was a great experience although I did not partake much as much as the others. Sometimes I felt as if I’m also one of the campers. Majority age group that joined this camp were around 14- 19 which were all younger than me so much ! It felt quite awkward at first as I myself doesn’t really play around with my younger brother nowadays too.

And so, I was appointed as a facilitator for the groups and as you can see we have so many pretty and handsome helpers huh ?!



Its been awhile since I drew anything, and here I draw some anime on my name tag and the chinese word means facilitator. (FYI – It’s a Chinese Speaking CAMP !)  And I was appointed to 9 Blur adolescents~~ My job was to be a NANNY !

As usual we had the ice breakers, introducing one another making new friends. Some were friendly , some were shy ! So we got a LEADER and choose our team name and team SHOUT OUT

Our team --- GREEN HORNET ! ( Well there were other superhero’s there such as Green lantern and the HULK ~~~ )

We painted our Banner with our FINGERS !! It was Grooossssss but I helped out *getting* colours from other teams so our team had various types of GREEN shades and YUP ! Our Banner was GORGEOUS  !!!



There were 2 Malaysian celebrities whom joined this camp too!

Alvin and Adrian ( Mike’s friend, met him a few parties )

Their Group was kinda “CutE”~  FROG !

Most of the time we were thought new dance steps which was easy yet FUN cause the songs we’re so funny! I still can remember some of the steps~~ Wana see ?


As a facilitator, I was kinda Non sticky to my group.. ( not being a strict nanny )

* I just gave them freedom to be independent cause I realize they kept depending on me!

* Thus, from here, you can see that Im gona be a COOL MUM !GANGSTA!! ;p

I played with DSLR ~ Tasted some food they cooked and gale vent  with the other members~


No matter how, I helped them out with a Sketch and WE WON !!

I acted as a GANSTAAAAAAAA WOAH~~~ YOU would see how fierce I was.. Smile with tongue out

This BIG guy with BIIIIIGGGGG ASS acted as SNow WHITE and He’s SUPER COOLLL I mean seriously being his girl would make you Happy all the while – PS. He’s SINGLE named OWEN !

Try Guessing which are the facilitators and which are the students! It’s obvious cause the facilitators lOOK Older.. Sad smile ~~ I feel so OLD right there yet it was fun and these ppl were awesome cause they are AWESOME PPL ! We even have a gathering soon !! Aren’t these ppl cool ! There’re not like those ppl after camp * POOOFFF *!!! I forget you~


What have a learnt?

Age really differs, Yet it isn't a problem nor a barrier

Smaller area unites, thus, I don’t want a BIG house in the future!

Cute dance might be Lame but it’s FUN !

Being a Nanny Sounds POOO but the real thing its da BOMBB !

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading !!! My Chinese is SUPER FULENT YER !!!


Its Exactly a WEEK to AUS NOW !

Things to accomplish-

-2 assignments to be DONE before I leave!!! >_<!

-Change Aus currencies

-Get stuffs from Becka’s Mum to pass to her

-On9  Shopping

- Eat lotsaaa DURIAN

- Penang TRIP !!

- Port Dickson  again??

- Pack my luggage

- Moisturize my skin a lot before im exposed to WINTER !!!

-Im gonna bring lotsa FURRRSSSSS !!!




edited cheeck

Thanks for reading ! ^^

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