Inter-Chinese China and Malaysians Camp

Last few weeks ago I went for this China Chinese with Malaysian Chinese combination camp invited by my China friends from college. This camp had so many dramas going on…

                                             Here are all of them !

                             ( Im the only Malaysian Chinese in their group)



Thus, majority thought I was a CHINA GIRL as well ! ( I speak good China Chinese Slang ~ )


First thing of all ! I became the Group LEADER ! WE name our group SAILORMOON ! ( which was kinda sissy but my team are COOOL with it !!!)



This was our camp tents!!! It was raining that day and Guess what? The Wind BLEW OFF the tents before we even stay in it ! However, It was the Guy’s tent ! We girls were lucky !! Here are my tent-mates!~ 4 ppl in a tent…..not too pleasant >_<!



The night before camp I was partying Nurse at Zouk which then I think my contact lens made my eyes sore.. so… My skin was superb horrible at that camp and my one eye is RED! Which ruin my mood but then I played games , walk in the dark Blurrrly~ Really feel gratitude towards my teammates whom helped me all these while~ They were awesome !!

And here are they! We had 4 China ppl in our team one which is my college friend but then the 2nd day, my China College friends LEFt the camp . ( they couldn’t stand the horrible food , stunted plans which made us waited soo long , not filtered well drinks etc etc….)

What made me felt horrible was the weather ! it kept raining on and off and I couldn’t get the camp clothes dry ! My clothes and towel were so damp and it stinks.. yea all of us stinks! Then, the cement ground was soo hard ~ I had a backache… Hmmm I guess its been awhile I had such hard life~ I just hated my RED eyes so much~! Made me felt so blur and fugly~ >_<!


This was my first camp that thought us various dancing moves ( not hip hop and stuffs – u know those cute dance steps~ easy ones – I’ll post a video of me dancin em soon~ Smile)

As a team leader, I suck in punctuality , but Im good in Shouting? ~ I prefer giving freedom to my teammates to mingle around instead of sticking to a same group. Then I realize the first time getting to know each other was so awkward but 3 days later, same time, you can see that we talk like we’ve known each other long and well !! No doubt my friends Left me yet I never regret staying back Open-mouthed smile



We learnt how to build up FIRE !!! with charcoal.. I suck in this.. So I let the guys do the job~

We get to pick the ingredients and we had to build under the RAIN!! SOOO hard


Here is the BIGGEST GUY in our TEAM ! RAWRRRR~~ but he’s a good dancer!!


Here are all of us enjoying our meal~ Hard cooking work, Yummmmyyy delicious ~~

And the Guys washed the utensils for us !! how sweet of them eh~~ xoxo



We had a night jungle trekking which was not as easy as I thought cause my previous walk was really walk! This was literally hiking in the dark. You’ll never know what will you grab hold and one of them got hurt really badly as he grab a tree full of thorns !

Then we had a camp fire ! dancing around this camp fire was FUN and we played limbo rock~

Im GOOD at it yea BABBAY!!!~


They gave us this small toy thing that can be shot in the air ! It was so cool and when the camp fire start we all shoot it up! Super gorgeous scene!!



Here are the stuffs I get from this camp!

I was so surprised I was honored as the best female candidate !

There was Badminton bagpack which costs about RM200~
I was sooo blessed cause this is the only Bag pack I have now!

And it matches my Nike Shoes !

Yet, in order to get something good you have to earn it huh? I got Bruises, cuts as well !~


That’s all~ I have more camps stories coming up ! Smile


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