REDANG MAY Vacation!


Right after I handed up my asisngments again… I went to Redang ! But this time it was more relaxing with the Families and Friends  ~ How did we go there?


BY BUSSSS !! And I was the DRIVER !! COOL EH~~


This time, the water was clearer and more still compared to March season




Transport on SAND?

This thing carries US and our stuffs on SAND !


How relaxed I was ? I sleep under the SUN ! ( yea IM sooo TAN NOW !)

I walk around check out GUYS~ ;p

I did kayakin!!

We Sing Karaoke at Night!

I played Volley BALLL !

I danced on the BEACH with a Transexual ~

I became Photographer for COUPLE >_<!

I swim without a Life Jacket and Snorkel equiptment ~ Just a goggle !



Every one had so much fun together~ Especially the CoUPLES~

This isnt a picture of a Kid/GIRL but a 19 years old GUY! Lolz

As usual we always visit this part where the HK actors came here for a movie shoot .


Guess which is my hand colour from all the sun BURN in 3 DAYS!!

Btw, on our way back on the boat..

A FULL BLACK POLICE BOAT ( Bet its gonna be so HOT for em  ) approached and Stop us !

I took Photo of em but they insisted me to Delete em – * WTf… =...=

We all at first didn’t had our life jacket on but the boat guy half way asked us to wear them before the Polica stop us ! ^^ PHEWWW~~ It was a weird experience !

Didn’t Know there are Police on the SEA! And they had 2 motors which makes their Boat SOOO FAST !!!


Here are more pictures we took at Redang~


And the SEXIest of ALL ~~~~ XD!



Thanks for viewing !!!


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