Various FOOD @ Melbourne!

On my first arrival, I had Veitnamese FOOD at BOXHILL !

WOW ! I don’t have to go to Vietnam I can get such foods here !!  Their servings are very authenthic and Yummy!!!


This 3 layer drink tastes like cendol ABC in Malaysia / THIS is EGG +  SODA + MILK ! sounds weird but tastes Fine !! ~ ;p


We also had TUrkish food at Wood Oven Pizza – Geelong

Turkish Bread and Greek food in Turkish bread?

Its SOOO MUCh !! I cant eat finish!


And Steak and some Italina Drink~ tastes weird.. Steak not so yummy for me ~ Sad smile


I also tried Homemade BEEF patties and mashes potatoes with PEAS !! WOah!! YUMMY!!!


OLives ~~ taste HORRIBLE ! YUck… / Ham + GREEK CHEEse ( it tastes like cheese chicken meat) YUUMMY!!! that how I put on so much weight


Pocket pizza with Ham and cheese in it / Parmagina aka PAvagina? – La Porchetta Italina cuisine in Glen Waverley~ YUMMY!!!!!!!!


Waffle here is bigger and crunchier than the ones in malaysia~ Smell diff taste diff! but not super yummy I prefer A&W’s waffle ;p~ their Drinking Hugs is soo cute!!!! <3 the Cookies and cream drink here!! yummyyy!!! last pic is their passimon fruit !.. compared to Sharon passimon from Arab, these are softer~~ less crunchier..


HErE!! SUbway has CoOKIES!! its sweet its yummy !!!!!!!!! <3 too !! ~ Coke here has smaller surface ~ same as in Thailand~ I guess Malaysian ppl has Bigger mouth that’s why the design is bigger. Open-mouthed smile


CHOC choC~ twisted is really SWEEET~~ and the one beside is Turkish delight.. taste…. bleHHH~ don  like it ~


Chicken Rice at China BAr- City~ it opens till late!


FOOD at Spicy Fish Restaurant located at CHINA street in the City

Crocodile MEAT with xO sauce is YUMMY! !best!!/ Mix vege was Okay not very mouthwatering


Kangarooo meat SUXK !!! Smells sour, taste Squishy and soft and grossssss and taste sour and spicy..SPICY!!! Even I think its spicy..


What I cooked !!

MY Special Yummy Fried rice~ ps their fire is smaller there !


Fried Noodles ! and ABC soup~


KONYaku JelLY !! !


Peter and I made SHUSHI !! mine was yummier and nicely wrapped ~ Open-mouthed smile


Peter tried to impress me with his cookings~ indeed I was impressed Open-mouthed smileDSC00385

Had Quail meat too !1 just BBQ with lemon squeeze on it !~


Similar to spag but the rice alike version~ cheesseee makin me fat!!


MY FAV!! Aus Cake PAVALOUVA !!! YUMMY!!!!!! I go hyper eating a lot~~ YUMMY!!!! I miss this the mos!!



I MISS these foods~ it made me fat but they made me HAPPY!!!



Thx for reading xoxo!!


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