Bein’ HOMELY yet still HWAT !!

Since the incoming of new housemates , our house has become so much more livelier and I HOPE it will remain the same after loooonggg time together ! These girls are awesome ppl !! and so many things happenin everyday eventhough we just stay at home~ Hostel seems to be a happier place for me now with all the laughters and sharingsss gossips etc ! <3



My lovely roommates forgot that PLASTIC Bowls arent suppose to placed into an oven~

So this is a melted plastic bowl !! LOLZ!

Morning Breakfast ! Me makin PANCAKEs for em ! <3 to see them eat em all !

I teach em swimming and~~ they’re still learning !!!

I cooked this for lunch and sometimes I cook extra for those who just wake up from bed late… Yee Mee Yin Yong~~ Yummmmmy~~

One of our Housemate’s Bday so we had a steamboat ! Tomyam soup and CHinese Herbal Soup. ! We were all so full but that day it was first time all of us grocery shopping n cookin! So FUN!

And with my little oven we baked blueberry muffins! it was YUMMY!!!

These girls bought sparkling juice and thought it was champagne ! LOLZ


And we had hair mask and facial mask together !!

Another week we baked choc muffin and it was alright too!!!!

and I fried the DUmplings I made~~ soo yummyy

Sometimes we cooked a lot and we cant finish all of themm~~ >_<!

And my homemade spagg is da bEST!! ;p

THx to BOO I brought these girls out to PARTY first time !!


Exams around the corner ! been studyin with ma BABEs!!! She’s single and PRETTTY Eyh~ ;p






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