Diaries in Melbourne

Day 1

It was just another day but an exciting moment to step onto a foreign land. Though my Gay friend – Peter came late to fetch me , I still felt warm with his weird hug and big butt weird gay walk~ ;p This fella even lost his way thinking he could find Becka’s house without a GPS~ Smile Oh Well, he failed but I had fun sight seeing cuz the houses were so Pretty ! Our first tour was towards Boxhill’s viet’s noodles and then to da city which surprised me with the amount of asians living in Melbourne. The weather was alright for me but the wind wasnt. I couldn’t understand why gays like Peter have so many friends and kept bumping into them everywhere he went. The day ended real quick as the sun goes down around 5~ Sad smile btw when we headed ovr to asian grocery store, Peter bought Chrysentimum drink aka Flower drink and well ~ he loves it ! Too bad he was sick that day couldn’t hang out long hours~ :<
Day 2
At becka’s place, she made breakfast and lunch and watever YUMMYYY for me which I just Love her cookings! We spent time chatting a lot, dressing up for simple shoots around her house with her DSLR~ It was pretty cold outside, I didn’t wanted to go out wearing my  sexy outfit.  We even realize how to curl our hairs with a straightener!! It was so pretty ! Then I thought her how to edit the photos ~~ She got addicted in editing awhile~ ;p Our shot looks professional though ;p Peter then came after work and brought us out for some yummy drinks around Glen and Me n Peter had fun time playin Pool Smile Btw, he looks less Gayish in his workin outfit than in Jacket~ and Yes! I was Charmed at that point ;p I had White Choc With marshmellows , he had hot choc with Marshmellows while Becka had a cup of tea which the tea leaves are placed in a spoon formed ! So interesting! Pity Peter having a flu~ >_<~


Day 3
We continue having a simple shoot in the morning but this time outdoor ! After a quick shoot we head out to buy the ingrediants to make dumplings !! We walked to centro Mall and it doesn’t feel tiring or dirty to walk around ! <3 this place so CLEAN! I bought some really cheap choc and rocky road lollies while Becka get her stuffs from Coles ~ We took a bus home and I didn’t have to pay cuz there were some drama happening between the driver and kid, he didn’t asked me to pay so ~;p Blueahhh  We went back makin dumplings and for Dinner we had a quick asam laksa then headed to Badminton court at Monash University there! Monash is SUPER BIG there~!! Becka played while I waited for Peter to fetch me bring me around sight seeing. Had a horrible migraine and Thannks so Peter whom is sick and having Medicines, I ate some panadol and felt better ~ ;p
Peter gel his hair and he look like a FAG PORkcupine ! ;p He brought me to Crown casino there and outside there was this pillar that shoots out fire super cool and warm. There were so many ppl on the streets at night and it was COLD outside but Warm in crown. We walked around but didn’t went into the casino only the arcade which is SUPER COOL ! They have so Cute and BIGG dolls to grab unlike small machines in M’sia. Even the Zoltar game in the movie Tron  was there ! Ppl around were really friendly, some teased us and it was a sweet night chilling around the dock area. Smile
Day 3
Andy brought us for CHICKEN RICE to a shop name KOTARAYA! interesting~ I can have Malaysian food here too! It was same Yummy like here ~ SmileDSC01338
Becka and I continued making some more dumplings and then Peter picked me up from Glen Waverly mall cuz Becka’s catching up a movie with her bf and bf’s sista family~ And Peter brought me to his friends birthday party~ ONE is a surprise bday party somewhere in a house and another one was as Lavish~ I had a “margarita” made by his friend in the surprise party and we had a couple of snacks there and tasted a few Sri Lanken delicacies~ Peter and I kept tryin the food and comment on its taste ;p~ Though we didn’t know any ppl but they were nice and friendly ppl Smile Peter was smart to gt the disable sticker to park nearby Lavish and at first we queue the line but then Peter cut the line ( wonder is he always like that ) Lol  but it was good to cut cus the WIND was sooo hard I almost died freezing out there !! >_<~ Again he styled his PORKcupine hair sucha DORK face ! ;p No wonder he doenst get a BF yet ;p I was having fun time chatting with some of his guy friends and a Girl name Mel which is so sweet and nice~~ Pity Peter being d Driver and still sick~ He couldn’t drink much and he left early not feeling well. That night Was SUPER COLD we had to rush to some public toilet walking in the Freaking cold midnight ~ ! >_<~
Weekends were so AWESOME ! With Peter’s wide group of friends in Mel , I met SOOo many people in just 2 days !! Since I wanted to go to PLanet Shakers church so Much ! He kindly brought me there ! And I had my first Starbucks at Aus ! It cost RM21 for small cup of white choc drink like this ! Honestly… >_<! It doesn’t taste like white choc at all ! More of a Milk powdered drink Sad smile MY breakfast was Heaps ! Sucha hostile family huh ~ Serve me so much chocs makin me fat ~ However the chocs were so yummy !! >_<~ <3 TIM TAMS SOOO much ! and I tried Olives for first time ~ It taste SHIT ! >_<~ ewww no way I’ll eat again~ and I had Bacons, eggs, tomato and GREEK CHEESE for breakfast ! *BURP*~~~ SO full! Greek Cheese texture is like chicken but CHeese taste~  Smile I get Greek food in Aus ! Oooo~

So here is the church ! It’s quite small though but they compacted it like an auditorium and indeed ! their singing were nice and it feels so like a concert being in this church !
Then later we went to watch some breakdance competition and met his group of breakdancing friends ! They are so friendly and Nice ! and I had my first SUBWAY COoKIE ! It was sweet~~
They had a dog with them and that entertained me a lot.. Not da Guys ! Not even Peter ! He’s sucha modest person~ Shy to dance in front of me~ awww ;p
Later on we hang out with his bros and friends at Pancake Parlour, doncaster. It was cooo COLD that night I had to wear his bro’s wind breaker !! Well, supper after that is at CHINA BAR ! I tried Durian drink and let all of them try ! Even his Asian australians friends cant take it ! Lolz ! My mouth stinks after that ! >_<! Btw ! they call Porridge as Congee there ! Sooo Weird !! >_<!
Day 5
ZOOO ! Mel ZOOO ! At last I saw Koala , PORKcupine, Wombats, Penguins, Seal, BOngo, Kangaroos , emu and many more ! Super tiring cuz I wore High heels boots bought from Rubi Shoes in Mel city.. >_<!
I should have wore my sneakers >_<! They even have Orang Utans there ! OMG I never seen Orang utans in Malaysia and I come all the way there to see this LOLZ! I bet the Orang utans love Melbourne , they have such nice playground for them !
I tried to plank for first time and its so not easy !! >_<! And we love the butterfly park most ! Its so warm in there.. Mel zoo is sucha maze…. we have to keep lookin at the map for directions ! =.=
Kangaroos behind me lazying ~~ I took a candid shot of Peter with stupid expression and post of fb to make him embarrass but then it instead attracted so many good comments =.= !.. cant figure out y this gay fella damn popular…
Dinner was at LA Porchetta ~! Some italian restaurant ! Pocket pizza ham and cheese ( too salty ) and Pamargina ( I cant pronouce – Par-vagina?) Btw… these 2 are SOOo Much ! *MADLy FULLL!*

The only thing that opens after 5 is their Supermarket- Coles, Safeway,WoolsWorth
and I paid through this machine myself !!! ( wonder what happens if I didn’t pay~ Hmm)

Rebecca was with her DSLR and We planned to go to Lake mountain to see snow instead of Mt Buller ~ It’s just too far ! 3 HOURS DRIVE !>_<~!!! and on the way we stopped at Yarra Vaelly for wine tasting but we ended up shooting instead of tasting wine~ Smile The place was beautiful though it was winter ~ Its just so fun annoying Becka and She kept askin me and Peter Pose for her ! Smile with tongue out and PEter did his Breakdance hand stand thing ~

ON the way we just turn into some ROse garden farm ! and YEah I saw Dead ROses but half dead which is soo cool !!! and saw Sheeps and HAY ! Well, They tried planking on the wheel which is sooo pain ! and Smart me I planked on the BENCH Smile Peter failed but the pic is so EPIC ! His knees look like he’s having a super LOooooong Boner ~ AND again Becka  Ask us to POSE ! Chi chAK!  We look like some Korean Movie thing… Some cute chic with an Old FAT Greek fella ~ Smile with tongue out
AT LAST ! The scenery towards there was SOOO PRETYYY!! Even my sony can take good quality pics ! We have to pay entrance fee $28 ~ and Drive UP! Not many cars though…
Here are some pics . Left : YEAH! My Best GAY BUDDY ! and Right : Fek U Felicia Why U so HEAVY NOW !! URGHHHHH >_<!!! Last right : WE SAW SNOW !!!!!
They have station there and WEE ! Snow was somewhere we had to search it Sad smile~ and Becka took a pic of Peter while he was Bullying me ! Sad smile But then cropping me out makes him look like some model~ Oooo~ We had to walk up hill for quite a while to see natural snow( Peter is da fattest and slowest whinning all the time ~ ;p) and at last !! I saw a snow man , took picture with it before we KILL IT ! CYEaHHH ~ And their trees and nice to CLIMB ! No ants at all ;p ~ Peter did his Thing again~ and Me n becka played snow !! It wasn’t super cold but smashing snow balls with a stick and feeling the force is soo PAIN ! >_<!
We went boxhill to meet up Andy and this time I called EGG + SODA + MILK ! taste NOT BAD !!! Open-mouthed smile
We went back Peter’s mum made YUMMMYY Steaks for us ! it WAS YUMMMIEST OF ALL I EVER TASTE !!!  !! I want more!!!!!
Day 7

A pretty lazy day as I planned it to be a resting day of all the tiring journeys from the days before. And Sleep so much like a pig~ watched Hang over which was super funny !! ~ and then head to city to meet Sayako- Peter’s bestie ( Ooo this man has many female bestie ~ ) Peter told me to buy concession but then I got checked and asked by officers when I reach melbourne central.They let me off as I pretend I didn’t knw and I was visiting Mel only..Peter tried to lie.. He failed ~ Smile with tongue out

We had some drink it was SOO YUMMY ~ Cookies and creams!!! and head to eureka Skydeck!
They had Skydeck dolls that look so weird.. Square penis with flat balls~ Hmmm
Here’s Sayaka’s bf and her and the view was so nice~ We didn’t pay extra $10 just to enter the glass area~ I reckon should come around dawn at least you can see the day turning dark~~
DSC01760DSC01764DSC00300DSC00326Passimons here are SOFT
Day 8 !

MOrningtorn peninsular and Enchanted Maze !! Well, it hard to depart early in the morning as I realize Peter is sucha PIG He Sleeps so much and I have to Wait wait wait…. ;p He drove and I was curious how their toll would be like and after awhile I couldn’t find it ! Then Peter showed me I was like ( WOAHH!!! – Malaysia is soo OUtdate !! ) Everything just cuts off directly from Bank acount.. I think the government is SOOO well organized~ but too bad they’re such tight ass ~
I like it when Peter just randomly stop somewhere and get out of the car to take pictures ! I would be shocked but then WEEE ! Fresh air !! The maze was fun ! Many kinds of maze I never been to !

And they really take care of it trimming sucha nice stuffs on the hedges ! Well, inside there are many scrap metal art pieces which makes it special !! And YEAH ! My first nice planking and it was PAINFUL !!!!!! Im afraid of chickens but these chickens are SOOO CUTE !! Open-mouthed smile
<3 Hanging wif PEter I can do crazy stuffs whenever I want don care wat ppl fink about me ~ and we played this slide which NAH~~ boring.. too slow for me Smile with tongue out
Lastly we went Mornington and saw pretty village houses on the beach and the Sand was dark brown! So unique ! saw kids wearing their bras and undiea jumping into the sea mid WInter ! SO cold ! how can they stand such coldness >_<!!! ? Well, I see dogs on the beach as well which we’ll never see that here. And best of all the sea water is still clear! Unlike PD ~ >_<!! Peter was so strong that I tried pushing him down to fall into the sand but he didn’t and in return he hit me back and I FALL onto the sand Sad smile ! SUcha Mean Asss ! but then the young girls were so helpful they saw that and scolded him right at his face !! NAH take dat !! Smile with tongue out
His mum made this and I added cheese and sweet chilli to add the taste~ YUMM YUMMM !! Their meats are always in BIG pieces but I <3 BEEEFF!! ~~ big version of rice..
Day 9

Meals for the Greeks ! Well, I made fried noodles and ABC Soup~ They love it Smile
This day we plan to visit Chadston Mall ! it’s like pavillion here ~ and We had our first car wash ! Lolz ! Lameooo ~~ wadaa mel person nvr seen snow nvr car wash or been to mornington.. Smile with tongue out
And that malll was pretty boring…. No as pretty as the malls we have in M’sia ~ Smile with tongue out
This is their Lotto Aka TOTo for us here ~ Which looks so nice ! and clean like some kid’s play corner..
And so that night we went cluBBing bringing Becka along !! Neverlands~ It was a BIG Club bigger than any others I had ever seen. However the people there are quite scattered and I saw small fights in there~ Smile Mostly Asians were in da club ~ Peter had so many friends and girls came hugging him from no where~ Weird huh ! Mr pimp… Well We had fun and his friends were pretty cool ! <3 vodka cranberry and SOHO <3 at LAvish ! Btw ! I style Peter’s hair, Looks so much more better than his PORKcupine Hair ! Lolz Open-mouthed smile

DAY 10

Saturday! We have no plans so I compete with Peter in Fried RICE ! We prepared the meals together and without those peas and corns doesn’t mean it isnt yummy !! Mine was on the LEft, His was on the right. Peter tried to show off but them he over poured too much dark soy sauce. Smile~~ And the father tried askin me about Quails wether can I cook em ~ I couldn’t understand and he brought out the Weather DEAD frozen quail out from the fridge which FREAKED ME OUt big time I even cRIED ! Lolzzzzz ~ Im afraid of Birds~ >_<! Oh well~ he clean it and fried for me~ Sucha sweet heart !! <3 It was yummy adding Lemon on it.
Hmmm its saturday Night soo Peter said it’s a Must to go out !! and we went out to see drunk people which was pretty interesting and walk around city to see the lighted pyramid and realize it was all LAMPs in three ! Pretty cool ! and walk around Docklandss and we were the only 2 crazy ppl taking pictures planking n shit ~ with the securities lookin at us ~ !! Lolz Everyone’s been clubbing around I suppose~
DAY 11
SUNDAY ! I woke up Super early like 8 ? Lolz just to go out with Peter’s mum to the Flea Market ! She was so nice and brought me sight seeing before heading to our destination. Well , I went into the Greek church and honestly it’s nice but the songs they sang sounds creepy. And also went to see the pre-war houses ! SO NICE and well kept!! Sometimes I wonder how those ppl scribble on top the building soo HIgh up !

So here’s the Flea market and everything goes so cheap and of course the clothes are not SHit qualities some are even branded ! I got myself a leather cap for 5$ !! Real leather ! wow !

And HUngry Jacks for first time ! Mmmmmmm So yummy ~~ and CHOC !Hot choc tastes SO CHOColaty.. its like 100% PURE CHOC drink !
We went to the Carribean gardens but the weather was shit so everything wasn’t on~ SOBZ!! >_<! so we just went around to see the market again but this time here sells more souveniers which are cheaper and negotiable and even organic soaps!! I talked to a Phillipino and she was soo friendly knowing I can speak a bit tagalog Smile
We took the OLD tram and walk around in the city then went for grocery shoping at Asian Store and I decided to make Konyaku Jelly and Shushi for their family !!~~ And met my china' friend after that for dinner at Spicy Fish restaurant around China Town. Croc meat was SOOO YUMYYY!! , Vege was OKay~~ and Kangarooo meat SMells sour taste sour, squishy meat.. Hmm Yuck ~ not my taste~ No one ate finish btw.. We ate summing around $72 3 dishes was too much for 3 of us anyways~ 
Came home, made all these as we plan to have picnic d next day in Torquay ! then the Mum Cut my hair for me !!!!! She’s real good at it !! and it’s so entertaining to have a mirror and TV in front of u ! ~ I had fun wearing Peter’s BIG jacket running around the house ! SO Big and WARM!!

DAY 12
My new HAIR Style !! Woots ! and when we reach Geelong, it wass raining and the wind was soo HArd !! we didn’t felt like picnic or go out Sad smile Sucha bad weather ~ Now I feel it ~

Then we randomly stop by at some Arboriginal cultural park to check out ~ and I found a boooomberang !!! ~ well, we then travel to Angle Sea hoping for a better weather there and I saw the GREAT OCEAN ROAD at last ! It was amazing so prettty !!!!!  We stop by the light house at AngleSea and the scenery was breathetaking ~ There was 1 Aspostle there so we don’t need to go find the other rest ~ Smile with tongue out 
And the most stupid thing I ever did was to put my feet into the cold water after seeing some Caucasian lady doing it ! My feet cried >_< and the wind blew so hard it hit onto my legssss it was like mini bullets! OUCH!!! ~ We went torquay to meet up my friend’s family and they brought us to wood oven pizza serving turkish mix greek food. SO FULL ! We couldn’t eat finish~
BEst of all peter brought me to a place full of Graffiti ! there was this on a metal thing and only taking picture with Flash can only see the picture ! SO COOL! at last we went home and I <3 Pavlova !! Crazy~ Canu imagine I ate Half of it !?!! This yummy stuff made me fat an d super hyper !!
Day 13
A date wif GAY buddy~ Smile  We had no idea what to do !!!!!!!! so we went for movies first at Doncaster mall but couldn’t get tickets~ ( school holiday) and I bought acrylic paint tube for only $1 each ! damn cheap !! and so we went Richmond instead~ And true enough not many people were there and ice skating at Docklands ! and their skating ring is so much colder ~ their size is almost the same but they separate hockey with figure skaters.  At first I skate better than Peter, then he got really fast in picking up stunts and few hours later he skates faaster and can do more stunts than me and never fall ! Yea Big fat short Man has better balancing I suppose~ It was nice of Sayaka and her bf to come see us~~ too bad they didn’t skate Sad smile It’ll be more fun with them around ~ Smile

LAST NIGHT In Melbourne !!!!

In the afternoon I was busy painting n drawin Peter’s caps ~ as a souvenier for him~
Before this I sketched on it and Peter was worried I might ruin his cap ! ;p~ Hope I didn’t ~ Smile Oh well, the best I can ever give him ~ His family has been so hostile to me I feel so much gratitude towards them. I hope my stay didn’t made any of them felt uncomfortable though. We went becka’s place and Play WIii and also I belanja them eat NOOODLES my lasttt night ~~ Sad smile
It was a shop name RA-Men at Glen Waverly and had free Slurpeeesssss~~ It was yummy but tooo big portion for me and becka !! >_<~ Ps. Gays doesn’t each much though Smile

We played Wiii and They both cant win me in the Fencing game ! Smile I WON So many times only Peter didn’t give up and win me Once ~! I actually love the ROCKBand console game !! It’d be more fun with more songs available though.. Ps… Charade was Lameeo~ lolzz too easy ! I went back and again I’m being fed with Yummy Mash potatoes and  Patties ! first time im eating homemade patties!! ~~
And so~ Peter had a gift for me too~ Oh well~ I forced him to paint it ~ Smile with tongue out  He have no idea and came up with this stupid boojie thing~ Sif ima Kid or a Babby~~ Smile  <3 We’re now equal havin handmade gifts from each other !!
And WOOTS ! He gave me his Stitch !! I <3 this thing sooo MUch ! I never cuddled any toy to sleep before till morning and this is the firstt I ever cuddled till morning ! Super Squidshy and COmfy.. and Love these kickboxing glovesssssss ~~ BUt id rather punch with my strong fist Smile with tongue out

Leaving Australia was sad cause it would be the end of my vacation and I miss the people there ! I only regret not taking photo with Peter’s family ~ Especially the Mum!! She’s da best coolest mum I ever Met ! and~ Becka…. Miss her sooo much after all the years we known each other~ Smile  Im keeping these memories forever and hope fate brings me back to AUS ! Open-mouthed smile
<3 U guys SOO MUCH ! Thanks for everything and I Promise I’ll be the best Hosteesss ever when u guys come to Malaysia ~ Smile

Felicia Zoe


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