Thailand Phuket Trip’


Well, What can I say, I brought my Stitch to THAILAND !!

We stayed at Patong Beach and it was really near the kickboxing stadium and Bangla Road ( Pubs, Clubs, Tiger Show and Ladymans~~ area) Stalls around looks quite similar to Petaling street in Malaysia~

We had day tours around Phi Phi Island and Krabi Island as well. The island hoppping was pretty interesting especially their speed boats speeding real fast and it felt like some roller coaster. I can say it’s a tourism area, thus it wouldn’t be very very cheap about the same in Malaysia. I guess I looked a bit like Thai which so many Thai ppl tried speaking Thai to me and couldn’t understand it ~Food is real yummy and affordable~ I reckon to do more research to stroll around native area for yummy foods instead of the tourist area like Patong beach. Well, the weather was pretty bad as it kept raining.. I made new friends from Dubai, Denmark , Spain and Jordan. Well , you’ll be surprised people all over the world are coming to thailand for holidays. And best of all ~ no ones stares at you weirdly in bikinis~ cuz majority wears bikinis and they are SOO HOt !! Nice place to check out Hwat chicks.  And ~ let the pictures talk from here on.





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