Floods in Thailand stimulates creativity


Constant disaster happening in most countries not only made their citizens smarter and also creative. If such situation lands on our country, I bet there would be chaos in our country. Thailand is currently facing this issue and though there is a sympathy yet when you see pictures of their people facing such disaster would make our eyes open wide.

A boat made out of plastic bottles? 
Isnt this environmentally friendly, cheap and pretty?

What about using a nice table instead ?
it might be a stolen table but yet it still can save a person's life! 
Most people would be grieving over their lost of assets or electronic appliances but yet Thai people could look such disaster optimistically by having a SELF- MADE Water Skiing !!
Why pay to have such sport when they can play this during flood season?

Upon my opinion, people whom deal with such disasters were born ready to face all these circumstances.
Besides, their poorer lifestyle taught them how to complain less and be contented always.
They learnt how to flexible and think ways on how to overcome it instead of avoiding it in the future. Such mentality should be apply in our lives as we have to learn not to avoid our mistakes instead facing and overcome it creatively !!

Being innovative by recycling or even using the help of our BIG friend here is also a wise idea !! 
Some would view it as an art piece from an another point of view .
Shall we just pray for Thailand and learn form their spirit.

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