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Since the UPGRADING changes of picture size display posted on Facebook, many chose to share or post pictures instead of typing them out by themself !!! Wtih the new SIRI IPhone 4Gs, have you ever one day that we dont even need to type on keyboards anymore or even write ? Future is constantly changing us and being flexible and updated to the current market is an advantage yet can also lead us lack of independence.

Here are just a few nice Quotes I recently seen on Facebook. Do Share with others too ! It can make their day too !

Flood in Bangkok is the current nearest tragic happening around. From this disaster we see pictures of animals helping each other even they arent of the same species.. We - HUMANS are of the same species yet categorize into various complicated groups. Are we willing to help each other in all circumstances ? 
Think again.'

Weekend is coming. :) Let's look forward the brighter future and smile towards the brighter side of life !!

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