Deepavali Varterkle~!
It's the light festival and the day before i went brickfields 4 AM midnight shopping for Sareee and i couldnt get one instead i bought 3 punjabi suits ~ <3 I got a Henna done and it was so nice on my arm!
Well, i managed to get a saree from my colleague and we had no idea how to tie it so~ We cin cai tie but i turn out to be nice :p

Here , My gorgeous colleague ! Sangeetha ~
We came in work together and she's a fun person to hang out with !! <3 however we don't work in the same department :(

And she brought me to her cousin's house at Ken2 condo for a deepavali house warming party!
Her gorgeous cousin- Rovina ~ <3 she's a chindian!!
What do you expect? Lots of muruku and roti canai?
HMmm well since they are chindians~ the food has mixture of chinese food 
Check out those yummy foods !! and their guests are majority CHINESE!
ROFL! I was d only one dressing up ~~ :p
Yet~ I became the celebrity among the kids! XD they like Saree CHE CHE~~ 
Their mum used me as an example - ( Look she is wearing Indian's traditional wear and it's called SAREE)
And then the kids replied : ( Why she dont look like indian ?)
Well what can i say .. 1 MALAYSIA!

Next will be coming up Haloweeen party !!! With my gorgeous close girl friends~ What a party day with my gals~ :D
Thanks for reading !!


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