HELLooWEN Party wif da JAPs!!


Its a Saturday nightand we girls had a splendid dinner at Comida treated lika Celebrity~~!!
Something's up with me and keep follow up to know more ~~
Tips : Within the picture

And the ZOEYSSs were partyin at ZOUK!
Zoey was unprepared so she just wore her gorgeous dresss to this party ! XD

Here is David who came by as LMFAO !! We were shocked it was him!
DUDE! Ur a celebrity in ZOUK! Everyone wants to take pic with him yo!

And BEST! JOlene was there with her coool Make up !! Awesome real Woundssss~~
Well i do look like a Jap Ghost too !!
                                            We all had an awesome party that night~~ !!!
                   WHat's up next?? U gotta keep up !! Im havin A happenin Life these days !! :)

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