Mike's Bday Bash @ Gardens Hotel!!

Its a Party week with so many Upcomin Events from Bdays to Public Holidays to Haloweeen !!
Well I did sure enjoy my week though it was hectic yet it was so much fun !
One of these is @ Mike's bday Bash !
The theme was Black n White n i came with my Sailor Cap ! ~
And Before heading OUt! 
and @ the Party !
So many came for his Bday! Hmm My Popular eyhs~
And Toonnss of Boost!!!  @_@  with Pretty CHICKS!!

Do keep Update !!! Will update more with PICS of Events I was up to last Weekend !! and this week Im gonna be a Good Girl No more partyyy~~ Awwwww :)  (*hey! Im not an alchoholic !! *)
Check me out n various traditional wears ~ :p


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