Passion for FASHION @ Roots !

It's Fashion Party @ Roots and Johnnie Walker was one of the main sponsor of this event of the night !! Since it's a fashion night , I got bold in my colours !! Green-Blue-Mustard ! and that's a communism Cap from Ben~ <3 
Party with da Hwat babes and Adverlets Gang Yo with Jason- Christine ( My childhood friend!!) !!ETC!! 
Once again ~ I met da lovely couples and each brought their siblings !! One of them is married though :(~

Here is Dato Dandy ONG !! He used to be a silent party dude ! Look at him NOW !!!! Looking great with BIG Gadgets yo!!
As usual~~ I get the babes !!!! 
Suchaa Looong time n we Bumped again!! Nigel Chen !! We both has awesome SMILE!!!

It was an awesome party and <3 Christine LEE ! She's da women now yea !! 
Im glad to meet her again and she's SUPER HWATTT Now and SINGLE!!!
After that me n Christine passed by Brickfields and the stalls there were still open at 4 ! ( Deepavali !!!)
So we randomly drop by ~ I shoped for punjabi suit and we got pretty Hennas on our arm !! It was a crazyyy night n I had only 2 hours sleep n then WORK next day !! 

Sneak Peekk of Upcomin POSTS !!! 
Shhhh ~~~ Im on TV !!! 
DO Keep Up !! <3


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