Behind the scenes


Ever wonder how would it be like behind the scenes of a show?
Most of perception would be hours of hairstyling and make up and also fashion wear.
However , what I personally experience is also the retaking of the same shoots of the same words yet the best thing of all , there is no scirpt given. 
Some would take this as a challenge as for me it is definitely not something on what you memorize on and very in prompt to. 
Well I can say our answers are true and spontaneuous ! How would it be an act of play when there are harsh comments given which are realistic and true. As for the chosen couples, what can i say~ 
Honestly, it's either no choice or the intuition beneath or.......... Luck? 
Well these are the girls in 4th episods where i got rejected in this scene.
Personally, being rejected isn't an issue for me. Everyone gets rejected and though its a pity but i definitely move on and found someone else later ~
Honestly , in this episod I was really shy and blushing all the way through.... and the question was so sudden that i couldn't even think of why cause i plainly just love to eat and make it myself !
However, the next episod, i learnt my lesson and was ready with confidence!Well, we all  learn from mistakes.
This is on episod 3~ Me n Zoey
Ever seen Callix's nauty looks? Heere you go !! She's one hwat single chick !
Well, we usually held gatherings to keep in touch and hang out around which really keeps us all closer to each other !! And what tickles us most is when we watch our own self on the show~ most will say " OMG!!! I LOOK So FAT !! Hmmm did i do that thing~~ or URHGhH i feel like slapping myself!!! "
This is Ganesan- Kanmani's date !!

ZOEY n ME again!!
We got closer because of this show ~ and it still keeps us laughing when we watch outselves.
Have you watched my date at Take Me Out Extra  on tonton?
It's all about ME and ZOEY! 
and We did not plan to get out that episod ! It was just plain FATE!!
Check out Zoey's laughter!! ( You'll laugh your ass off ~ )
Here is my date and me
Watch till the end to know our progress ~ :D

Does she look familiar??

She is a host and actress in Taiwan - 小Call !! 
Her real person is very friendly and nice indeed !!~<3

A Special-effect Makeup artist , speaks 7 languages and loves to share her lifestyle, beauty and travelling experience here. She also shares her secret to learning languages on her Youtube channel.

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