Happy New YEAR! Im Taken ~ :p

At last ! I Chose my date on TAKE ME OUT ~~and here it is!

* Sorry for the late update had been really busy lately  :)

As most would wonder .. Why did i chose him?
Well, i can say - Gut feelings
Most would wonder how did i turn up with him?

Well, just watch till the last episod n We will be there to tell you our progress. :)
If you haven't watched the episods of our TAKE ME OUT EXTRA Yet~
Let me tell you , you missed out me being Jane and him being Tarzan !
I had so much fun at Taman Pertanian Shah Alam with the flying fox activites and
Thanks REDRIBBONDAYS!! For sponsoring out activities !
That's a picture of me trying to balance on a STRING..
Well, Short girls have good balancing~ ;p
Eugene was really nice as he cared for me and helped me out to rip off my BRA Stripe!
WTF??!! LOL well, aparently it's not nice to be seen on TV~  :P
No Naughty laaaa~
Now, this look like a marriage agreement ??!! NOO WAYY!!
Well, it's a contract to prove that i will take full responsibilty of myself bla bla ba
meaning.. Not the company's fault cause I'm willing to take the risk !

Well, if u spot my "Boobs" there is a black mini mic on it to record what i say..
Haizz no privacy with Eugene la~~
TV ppl.. as usual
And the guy was drilling me on how to put on a harness ~~
Here is a picture of Eugene "BOK Mong"( take advantage) me ~
;p ~ Well, he's just caring isnt it~

After those tarzan and jane activities, we headed to our SECRET PLACE

Redribbondays SURPRISED US ! FOOOOOD!!! Yummyyy
And i whallopp the cookies and sandwiches! Love the COOKIES MOST!!

It was definitely an awesome day in the Jungle with my "Tarzan" Date and of course the coolest date venue ever!
How could REDRIBBONDAYS ever thought of it ?!
I bet most guys wouldn't think of such idea cause they might be afraid their armpit stink~;p
Dont worry, Mr Tarzan don't smell :p
He is a nice, smel-less guy ever !!
and a caring brother in christ~ Lovely.....

2011 passed and it had been the most memorable part in my life where i had so many FIRST TIME!

Here is my 2011 Hall of FIRST TIME~! 

#1ST time - Travel to AUS alone and experience winter n SNOW !

#1ST time Appearing on National TV
#1ST time on a Hot Air Baloon
#1ST time Doin Crazy stuff 
#1ST time Bikini shoot 
#1ST time Lingerie Shoot ( Which i never ever Thought of in LIFE!)

#1ST time Working on a FULL time JOB!
#1ST time Graduate ! :D
Best candid i <3 most 
A year has gone n I believe 2012 will have more memories for me to fill in my #1ST time Again!
This year, I have rather a different mind set instead of partying~
I wana travel and travel and Work Overseas !
Well, let's see how it goes till the end of 2012 !


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