Long Distance Relationship


Have you watched WongFu Production latest video on his friend's engagement ?
Well, this is definitely a true one instead of a video story.

Distance was a huge obstacle decades ago but now, with all the available technologies, 
is DISTANCE still an issue?

Well, I had never ever been into a long distance relationship but i have seen friends going through this and it isn't easy. 
Why? it takes effort for a person to sacrifice more than normal relationship in order to be together.

To start a new life ,
To a new place of neither anyone you known of or close with
To leave your families and friends in the current country you are comfortable with 
To be independent,
To trust that the relationship would definitely work out,
To blend in with new different culture,


Well, it's easy to say when you have someone to depend on, 
however, doubts will always be there obstructing the future.
Yet communication , presents through mailing, having a goal together would make things work out.

If you are currently in a long distance relationship ,
There are websites advising on what LDR( long distance relationship) Couple can do together!

Here are some creative ones
-Play Games
-Word  building
-Watch movies together 
- Share personal journal / blog
CLICK HERE to view the Website!

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