How to Spend your Valentines?


Well, ever seen this troll ??

Well, Valentines is the day of romance but I'm a person who doesnt really care of this day cause no matter what day as long as you are capable of creating a wonderful memories together , it can always be a valentine day.
IF ONE particular day is being Chosen as Valentines day? Then romance only happens a year once? Effort are only being made on such day? What about the rest??
Prices of flowers increase, restaurants are fully packed... single ppl out there Self pity cause they have no date....
Well, I tell you ! 
Happiness doesnt come from this day or lifetime future.
Love ones doesnt mean it has to be a Lover , it's Everywhere !!
Spread your love to the your family, friends, poor.orphans etc...

Remember : Always SMILE for you might not know who will be attracted by your SMILE.

AS for me~ I'm going to Have FUN AWESOME trip at Koh Samui with the Take me out GROUP!
Been working out Hard to get my best shape fit into a nice bikini~  

Well, I'll be back on Valentines day but i believe ~ That day ,
I will still be happy even without a DATE~
CHEERRSS to all Single Ladies Out there !!

Ps. Im flyin to Melbourne soon~~ 

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