Koh Samui the Land of ANG MOSSsss!!!- From Surat thani

I had been to Phuket ~ And now It's KOH SAMUI !!!
My impression of Samui before i go there was
- Naked/ Topless Ang mos
-Many Ah GUA on the street side at night
-Need to walk a LOT and farrrrrr

So Our flight was to Surat thani and as we arrived , it was soo different!
Surat Thani's Airport is soo SMALL !!
First exit gate they had to scan if we got fever or not... ( Weird)
Then 3 immigresion were open and their desks were like School desks~ !! OMG
We had a lOoooooooNgggg Queue... 
From Surat thani - We took a bus RM84 ( Bus and ferry 2 ways) Duration was aprox 1 hour
Here are us on at the jetty
And when the bus stopped us , I was soo clumsy i forgot  my luggage was left in the bus.. One of their kind employee drove to to collect my luggage from the bus.. I really thank them soo much !!
OMG! I have to stop day dreaming !!!
ferry journey was aprox an hour as well and then there we had to pay RM25 per cab to our located hotel
-AL Hutz Chaweng Beach. The journey was aprox 45 min.

Of all the long travelling, At last our hotel and room as soo near to the beach !!!! I fell in love with this place.. 
Our Pool had an awesome view too !! Honestly, i spend more time in the pool than the sea.. 
I get panic when sea weeds gets onto my leg / feet...
Such a nice place for massage with the beach view and also sun tanning and a romantic dinner at night by the beach. Best of all ! the massage only cost 200baht
Walking out a min out from the hotel chalet is this street where we got pubs, restaurants, and Chaweng Shopping Mall Opposite !! WOW ~ Erhm their malls is like stalls alright~~ no aircond... >_
Night the whole stretch of beach is filled with people drinking and chilling ~ this bar here sells 250baht per bucket and the bucket aint that small~ I love the Vodka Pineapple ~ Drinking and Shishain' on the beach!!
Awesome!!! You can't get this in Phuket !

Breakfast was luxurious western buffet with awesome beach view~~ Love it ! And best of the the sand doesnt blows into your food !

This is a few of us chilling in the pool ~ :p
Such a nice weather and i don't care if i get tan or not cause Tan is Sexayy!!
Btw - My White bikini was bought at Phuket while i got the blue and stripes design bikini at Samui !! 
There is so many choices of bikini there compared to Malaysia~ :)

Rose- Blissfully attractive ~ <3

We had a tour trip around Koh Samui paid 600baht for a day trip tour~ Visited the Grandpa and Grandma place.. LOL ( AKA dick n XXX shape out of stone !!) Look out for it in the picture!!
Around chaweng, the restuarants there were all twisted according to the ANG MO's taste... it was hard to find anything super spicy.. Yet in this trip they brought us out to the local market and we randomly hit a shop ( look like malaysian normal chinese kopitiam) And the food there was SPICYLICIOUS!!!!
Fried noodles- Pad Thai in orange colour !! OMG! first ever seen n Yummmmyyyy!!

BTw the only happenin CLUB in Samui is GREEN MANGO ! I tell you it's hard to see ASIANS like us there besides the Locals !! Majority were ANG MOS~~ 
Unfortunately, i only saw a half naked old women~~ Awwww ! :(
Partyin in Samui is AWESOME !!!
A bottle of CHIVAS was 2000baht !!!! Very affordable !!

Around Chaweng there are heaps of massage centres costing 200baht for dry massage/ Foot massage ( Aka Thai Massage) 300 baht for oily body massage pedicure and medicure + painted nails were 400baht ( OPI costs 600baht) , Eyelash extension for 800baht , bikini/ brazillian waxing 500baht, full waxing 800baht  !!!!
This is what we call ART ON da BEACH!!!
back to the trip they brought us to a waterfall.. ( Honestly i dislike follwing tours cause everything is so rush and limited time ~) It's best to research on own and get a rented taxi whole day yea!! 
Waterfall didnt amused me much cause its the same as ours in Malaysia~ 
I like most is that we can sit on a jeep and its soo fun going through the woods sitting up such dangerous position !!!

Thanks for the sweet surprise on Valentines day !! U are d BEST!!!
XOXO !!! 

Up comin nex would be my Melbourne trip yea!!

<3Ps- Being Single doesnt mean you don't know anything about love,
it's just that you know too much and know how toWAIT for it. :)


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