Abusive Personality

I have always believed loving yourself first before you are able to love others. Sadly, there are minorities whom are unable to control their personality under certain circumstances. As most teenagers would go through an emotional period of searching their true self and personality, some would be able to overcome and express it, some hide it due to social perceptions and some would remain such confusion within years and express drastically under certain circumstances. Most, mentally it would torment their own mind but at certain times especially under the control of alcohol ; such expression would be laid on others which made women the saddest victims of all.

Well , those days ; with women depending on their husband and the fear of  "What other's think" were the reason causing them to hold on. However, in such society where there are wide varieties of higher education and job opportunities regardless of gender; some women are starting to stand up to their rights. Certainly, such would increase the rate of divorce etc however, what I do believe is that happiness is in our hands.
Love, what can i say~ It's a crazy potion for immature minds or thoughts. It is a path to happiness instead for the ones who knows what they wants best and know their goals.

Recently, I had a good friend of mine having such boyfriend with spilt personality especially after drinking. The melodramatic relationship indeed stirred up much emotions till certain extend of hurting physically. She is a beautiful women with sweet personality. Yet, the lack of self independence and decisiveness has caused her life a mess. As a good friend of hers ; we were always there to advice and criticise but yet she wouldn't listen. What can i say?~ Love is just a crazy potion and blinds up those who aren't strong enough to visualize the future. Then , when words of our prediction happened , we were relief to see her decisions. Yet again , she let go of her heart and changed her mind which disappoints us. Somehow, as a friend ; it hurts ; it worries us. Well, all we can do is pray and hope things turn around one day and she would be stronger and better.

Signs of an abusive personality

* Extreme jealousy or possessiveness
* Pushes for quick and intense involvement
* Seems too good to be true
* Blames others for actions
* Needs to be in control
* Unrealistic expectations of the relationship
* Easily upset or angered
* Inability to respect partner's boundaries, privacy
* History of violent behavior
* Shouting, slapping
* Threatening to commit suicide if you leave

"Someone who really loves you will never make you feel afraid." 

No matter what gender is facing such situation ; please be strong and not let emotions take control of you. 
Love can be a relationship with family, friends and many more people. Look into the world and you will realize how blessed you are and love yourself for it teaches you on how to appreciate and love even your enemies. Remember ~words or actions of anger would scar forever.


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