My Vietnam Escapade II - Live like a Vietnamese !!

Looking like a Vietnamese, walking alone in the streets of District 10 where all the locals were.. 
I felt safe ~ 
However, my first experience on a motorbike in Vietnam was the scariest moment in my life !
Motorbikes zoomZOOM everywhere and avoid each other at very close distance.
Without any clear rules every bike could just go against the traffic or just make a U turn anywhere they want!
Despite all these, i thought it wouldn't take much time however travelling from the airport to District 10 would take like half hour or more ! ( what more in a car)
Yet, your ASS won't feel numb at all ...
WHY ?? You get heaps of sudden brakes and you ass would get a nice massage from the seat all the time !

Speaking of the buildings, I am most facinated by the narrowness and height of it.
Based on the locals, they get tax based on the width of the house yet not the height of it.
Well, it can go up to 4 floors and with stairs all the way up ! 
Now you know why Vietnamese men and women look so slim and healthy.

Vietnamese WOMEN ! - THUMBS UP ! They are gorgeous , they don't sweat much , they really take the effort to protect their skin and health by wearing long jackets and masks.
As for their Helmets, I LOVE THEM !!!
This is where you can get such fashionable helmets. From caps to hats alike but then it is not well protected.
So, i can say is : You gotta sacrifice to look Pretty eyh ~ ( Like wearing HIGH Heels)
WAIT A Moment  !! They got awesome Bike skills ~ and furthermore their speed is quite limited as the road are narrow and traffic is heavy most of the time and less big vehicles in the city. The tendency to get into serious injury is not as high as here. 
As a agricultural country developing slowly into all forms of industry controlled by communism, Vietnamese strive their best regardless ways to earn money instead of begging. They hate the corruption of certain type of police ( brown uniform) but yet they love their country and are proud of it. Despite the poverty and inequality of wealth division, the come together in one and are can be friendly even towards foreigners.
Of course, visiting common tourist ground would get you ripped off. 
So, get to the Local areas !!~ 

Local Market near Pham ngu lao backpackers district~
Here, reminds me of my younger days in KL where how our outdoor market look like before. 
Yet, the difference is that we sit on higher chairs, they love tiny stools.

This is an example of them on a high ground selling fishes and slicing them.
Well, even the market food stalls have the same stools.. and I sat there eating this yummy noodles as my breakfast ! MMMMppphH~~ So good but sweaty... very hot weather !! 

Well, surprisingly you find Indians there selling curry powder too !
And they speak.. VIETNAMESE !

In fact,a continuation of  the market leads to along the house lane and some would turn part of their house
as a business just for that moment.

This is an example of women selling at a house corridor
Well, at Pham Ngu Lao Backpacker street is full of foreigners yet the beauty services there posted as on the shop was a fairly good price ! 
I had done a hair mask spa and it only cost about 3USD ! 
If I had more time i would love to lavish myself more ~

This is the most commen Cho Ben Thanh market~
I dislike it cause it's so tourist-ish and the prices are more expensive than normal .
However, the streets along the side of the market has a lane of shops selling heels!
And those heels are extremely high and CHEAP! 
6 inches costs only $15 or less ! 

CHIK CHAK ! Oops ~ Look what i found !
He just stand out among ALL !
Now, lets go to the night view of this city.
Having lunch at some random street along District 5,
At last !! I saw SMOKIN HWAT chicks on their Bikes!
This is the time where girls dress up sexy and full pimped up as their is no SUN !!
I tell you, Vietnamese girls are slim and gorgeous !
Unfortunately ,very few speaks fluent English~ 

This view is taken from a High-rise building in Ho chin minh with an open-air bar on it's rooftop.
The view here was astonishingly beautiful !!
The price range was the same back in KL and what i love most is enjoying the breeze from above.
I was fortunate to meet up the expats from various countries such as Taiwan, Australia and America.

Saigon CLUB!
LUST ~Ladies night hang out  !
I had Linh Pham , my local tour guide friend whom rides me around everywhere in the city and we had our make up on with jackets ( to prevent getting unwanted bad bikers attention on the way) .
There we arrived at LUST and tried to party but it was too packed !
The amount of people were crazy !! Well, we'd rather chill at the outdoor bar instead of getting squash among the crowds in the club.
There, we made new local friends and took picture with them~
Well , as you can see its not totally locals~
Then Victor ( far left) arrived with his friends while we were getting to know a super hwat Vietnamese chic !

This is what they served in the club !! FRUITS !!!
Vietnamese people are so healthy!! We gotta learn from them

Other nights, i met up with this Vietnamese guy that performed magic trick for me!
They are very nice guys that sleeps early. Students here aren't as wild as the ones back home.;p
Well, society perception among the students are more focus as they strive for their future and realize how important English is in the current world. 
This french dude was one of Victor's friend. Aww he is soo Cute !! 
He has like smaller eyes than me !
Well, making a new spects with such crazy power of mine is very cheap here ! $50 for "-6" both sides
So i decided to make a new one and to my surprise , it was soo fast and efficient.

As for the tours, I was more keen into Cu Chi Tunnel than visiting the Cao Dai temple.
So i took that package for aprox $7
On the way, we visited this factory area where the governments provide jobs for these people.
They were wearing a uniform indicating they are under the government and most are either disabled or too poor to get a job. Well, i was impressed with the stages of progress of making the art crafts as i wouldnt know EGG Shells was one of their piece! This lady was cutting egg shells into a round shape and it looked so easy ~ With Linh Pham's help of translation, i got to try out cutting the egg shell and i FAIL !! It's soo not easy at all !
In the couch, we made friends with a Japanese guy and his brother.
Me and Linh Pham also talked to a korean family and some other tourists.
Thanks to my korean dramas i picked up a few useful korean words~ ;p
The tour guide even thought i was a Vietnamese as well untill he got confused when i started to speak to the koreans
 and also Japanese~ ;p
He was a very interesting tour guide that made up his own song through translation of a Vietnamese song.
In a class of telling the history, he told us he survived the wat and also lived in Cu Chi before.
His story was defenitely interesting with the Sound Effects: ""BOOOmm Boom ~~ GUumm Bush ! etcc!"
However, as usual old people repeats over and over again.. 
It was a sad thing he said he was shot by a bullet in his arm and I truly respect him as such endurance and experience made him a warrior to the nation. 
Most of all as a tour guide , he did not ask for any tips from our tours compared to those in 
Thailand ~
"Serving without hoping anything is the best policy in service industry."
Amazingly, this tunnel was customize for Vietnamese people size. 
As Americans have a bigger body frame, some were unable to get through this tunnel.
Furthermore, such strategies were so smart as people cook and live in the tunnel like a mole.
Small tunnels were build for air flow and even smoke chamber to prevent the Americans from realizing their presence. Though they lack of minerals and technological knowledge, they steal coca cola cans and insert mine bombs to kill the Americans during the war.
Unfortunately, till now they are still searching for these bombs as it might harm the rest.

Tables and mini stools were built in the tunnel for Soldiers to rest and have short breaks.
Well then i was proud to get to shoot with a Looong wooden Gun!
It felt so antique yet the rebound force of the gun and the loud sound of it " BAnng !" 
made me felt so relief ! The feeling of shooting open air is much different than the tour ones in Thailand before and most of all its much cheaper here ! $10 for 10 shoots! 
Thailand would costs $30
Well, my next target would be shooting out fire from the tank like what we seen in the movies ! 

Without this wonderful lady,
I wouldn't know so much regarding the true culture of Vietnamese.
Students in Vietnam were only taught basic English in their country. In order to learn more they had to enrol in language centre or colleges and most poor families are unable to have such privilege.
Smart Parents would save and invest education for their kids and they do appreciate and respect their parents. The cost of living is approximately cheaper than ours a bit yet fresh graduates earn peanuts income.
People here harvest with their bare hands and i ask why aren't the government implementing machines?
Well, firstly, the high rise population of people in the city would increase if machines are implemented to the paddy farmers.
Nevertheless, the joy among the living neighbourhoods and openness among each others maintains the humanity within. Despite the communication barrier, Most of the time i communicate with my BODY language. Well, sometimes it can be the most entertaining language ever and cause a burst of laughter among strangers. So I was walking around District 10 exploring the market and I lost my way ! Thank God that such a coincident i met a guy whom can speak mandarin and that nice guy brought me back home and later ask me out to showed me different part of the city without hoping for anything in return. 
Some would be cautious in making the first move to ask or start a conversation. 
Some would say I'm fearless but I say it's courage and positiveness.
We just have to believe in the word "Sincerity" 
Travelling would be much more meaningful when you felt the sincerity of the locals and experience their life.
It somehow made me realize a week of travelling is not enoough at all !
Ultimately, I fell in love with travelling.
It's my passion.



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