Life is like a Merry Go Round

Since I was a kid, I would always dream of travelling very often and experiencing as much as i can.
As we grow up, we tend to neglect the joy and excitement while being a kid, 
Instead most of us place our trips and tours by spending as much money to explore and see sceneries and
party. There are much precaution in taking steps to getting to know a stranger as we became more
skeptical of those around us.
Well, for me.... I love human being and travelling to me is all about getting in touch with locals.
As i had bought trips to Vietnam and had in mind to get out of my comfort zone travelling alone instead of a pack , I also had a short trip to Melbourne and managed to meet up with Rebecca !!
We had an awesome short period of time together . Well, we weren't able to meet up in KL but then meeting back in Melbourne was much easier as we were less pack of activities there.

Nevertheless such short trip, I was able to experience the summer there at 
Torquay and Sun tan.
Well, surprisingly, I didn't get a sunburn despite the fact i skipped applying the cream.
Well , my back has a darker tone now~ :p
Bought this book there as i admire this lady so much and reading about her life made me realize 
it's not about the age nor outer beauty that touches the soul ; it's the personality that brings out who you are and ignoring what others think about you.
I was glad to able to see such sport activities during summer as well as yachting ~
One day , i would love to try to get onto them.
Summer in Melbourne wasn't as hot as i thought. The cold breeze gave me cold shivers instead. 
Jogging on the beach wouldn't really make you sweat.
Thank goodness this time i was able to get around the Caribbean garden and sat on those jungle boat tours and chair lifts.
It was a tiring yet splendid experience. 

That's to show how tired i was when i get back.
Having a full time job isn't easy to get a leave.
It actually limits the period of travelling and choices of choosing time of flights.
I can even sleep holding a tab in my hands!
Recently , Mike held a charity event i was there to support
Located @ TGV cinemas Sunway Pyramid

Helping the kids out with their food. Making sure they won't be left behind or get lost in TGV cinema, Distracting them from being hyper and it's by letting them play Angry Birds on the tab !
Well, Thanks TGV cinemas for the Beanie plex sponsorship for the kids. 
It's my first time on this beanie plex and it was very comfortable. 
In fact I find the way how they manage is pretty good as I previously went on the 3D Imax theather and
it was amazing ! Would want to watch some live action movie with it !
After that was to donate blood! Yes ! I am qualified to donate !!
And here~ My awesome sweeet blood donated ~~ May God bless the person whom got my blood ! :D
Besides that, I also went for the Magnum Launch for their new ice cream.
Prema Yin d awesome Hwat Singer !CLICK here to hear her latest ALBUM !
and Linora Red FM DJ was there too for yummy ice creams~  ~

Nadia, the beautiful pageant winner was there to model but then later join us for ice cream too ~
It was an interesting event at Starhill and I Love the goodies given ! 
Of course not to miss out catching up with these KOH SAMUI awesome gang of friends!
We need to catch up again !!
And St Patricks day at Beer factory.. Honestly ~
It sucks!!
Ima Guiness stout fan and the stout they gave was too foamy.. Horrible... 
waiting for them is like queuing up in a canteen !!
Oh well, then we got a tower instead and the next table lady gave us another tower
Sadly... Im not a tiger fan~ 
I hope there is a Guiness tower !!
This year's b'day , touched my heart as i had so many unforgettable good moments.
Thanks for bringing me to Gtower. 
It was indeed a gorgeous dining place~
Mum got back from taiwan and got me gorgeous heels!
This stitch which is now becoming my awesome pillow and arm rest ! :P
Night out on the cable car to Genting Highlands ~
It was a crazy moment drinking at such high places!
And all the awesome gifts !!
May God bless you all !!!

~<3 Feli~


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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