My Vietnam Escapade -A Vietnamese Wedding Experience)

I've decided to have a Gateaway from my families and travel on my own in a foreign land.
Before this, i thought communication wouldn't be a problem as i know how to speak few languages.
Yet , I did took some effort in learning their basic language - Vietnamese
Here, i arrived in the land of many rivers, deltas and history we learnt in school.
The land so rich of plantation and now blooming in their economies.
Stepping down from the airport,
I then headed to the Bus station - Ming Thein to catch a local bus to Mekong Delta
The view along the way felt a bit like Malaysia but then the people in the buses were locals and
there , i had hard time communicating with the locals. I approached a girl in her 20's and she couldnt communicate in English. So, i had my phone to call my Vietnamese friend to translate for me ~ :)
It was a long 3 hourjourney and we had a stop which their canteen sells all these!
There my friend picked me up on a motorbike from a DARK roadside and we went straight to the wedding!
The road was so narrow and the house was situated on a river side !
I arrived kinda late thus the crowd was less... It was a dinner at the verandah of the house after all.
Here are the food ~ Porridge - vietnamese chicken salad and also salad and BEER!
This is their served dessert- coconut Jelly
He was an interesting company and dared to play with this chicken tongue~
The bride to be and Phong Tran, far most right is my vietnamese friend whom brought us here
Here is her wedding book ! Nice?
The vietnamese traditional wear - AO YAi
Next door was really noisy and we were known that there was another marriage party yet it's the bridegroom side. Well , so we just head over to party there!
Believe me, its not LMFAO nor Avicci songs... It was plain vietnamese Karaoke.
Well,the locals enjoyed it though and it was interesting for me to experience such culture.
Ever since i touched down the airport, all the vietnamese thought i was local. I had to explain so many times i am not vietnamese , i cant understand.
:" Toi com bi, toi eng tieng viet"
It was even harder to explain to drunk men at the next wedding. They were still nicce to offer me drinks though.. Banana wine~~ Hmm let my face explain
Well, at least they do serve tea and some snacks~
After few shot, i was still alright ~ and then it was picture time !!
And check this out !! such a narrow bridge ! Out there behind me are boats on a river
Its illegal to ride in vietnam with more than 2 people~ We had no choice so we had 4 !
It's very expensive for the locals to get a car and plus their wages aren't as good as here.
Next Day was the official wedding day ceremony! 
Here is a pic of a rural part in Ho Chin Minh
The House i stayed was nice though ~ :)
And  my Helmet was soo pretty~~~
We waited for the wedding coach to pick us up as riding a bike in a day with so many of us might get us caught by the police. The people are afraid of the police as well.
There we arrived at a house ~ with all the elderly
However, it was a serious customs during the wedding ceremonials,
far different from our malaysian chinese wedding.

Then, we were brought to the wedding "LUNCH !"
The whole place was packed and it was like a table served to groups of people whom come and go.
It has a buffet system but serving in 7 meals like a chinese wedding dinner way.
Women preparing the meals of fresh vege and chickens at a corner.
This Restaurant is placed as the river side~
The thing about the restaurant is...
There is no FAN nor air condition in such a day time condition.

And here ,  the 7 menus 

Our Appetizers~
Luncheon Porks and Popiah( GOOD!)
To say tasty in Vietnames is called " NGONG!!"
In the wrapped up leaves are also Pork~
Next was this dish alike our " Shark FIN SOUP"
apparently it doesnt contain any shark fin and has tiny honey stars and fish balls in it~
Not bad~
Cauliflowers and squid ~
The drunk men on our table pouured beer in it trying to fool us saying this is how they serve this dish~
Then the next was seafood soup and i Love the prawnss!!

Chicken served with the head ~ next we were all playing SPIN the chicken head. 
The person whom the chicken beak is pointed at had to drink all the beer~
Last but not least, My utmost favourite!!
Beef Stew and French Bread !
Their bread is crunchy outside soft inside and the stew is sooo RICH and the beef aroma.. 
I miss this so much ! Sweetness from the beef and carrots which tickle the taste buds so much !
Durian ice cream served with nuts toppings as dessert!
During the meal, the bride and bridegroom had their ceremony and also there were people going up the sing karaoke and break dance performance by a bunch of kids whom can dance sooo WELL ! I was so impressed with their teamwork in dancing.
Since there were a few Vietnamese men that came up to talk to me and having to explain I'm not a vietnamese,
I went up stage and self introduced and sang a song from the late Mdm Teresa
 ( Yue Liang dai biao wo de xin ) in Mandarin.
In Malaysia, normally a chinese wedding we cheer : YAMMMMMM SENNNG !!
But in Vietnam ; It goes : MUK HAI BATT , YO !!
meaning one , two , three, cheers !
I was sweating like a pig there ! The weather was soo Hot and humid plus without air condition and being in the noon...
Despite all these, i had so much fun seeing so many people , experiencing such which normal tourists wouldn't able to do and learn new language ! I do admire the women in Vietnam as they wouldnt sweat that easily ~ and most , they were wearing the long Ao Yai !~
And i think Vietnamese men are handsome and lean !! ;)
This is the full traditional look of a vietnamese bride ~

 Marriage, a moment of a new exciting change in life, counts for a huge celebration. It's not about the gorgeous view in the country but the people whom i met during this travelling. Much that I wasnt able to communicate well with but a smile from all with a welcome heart even i have no idea whom the bride was the moment that made me felt that humanity still exists. We have been so caught up in the service world and everyone thinks nothing is free in this world. Yet, I can tell you that the free thing on earth ever WE can give to anyone is a SMILE~

Keep up on my next post of me travelling and exploring the city - HO chin Minh !


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