Princess Felicia's Bday Surprise ! @ Buonasera

Every little girl's dream is to be a princess and have a prince charming etc..
Well , that's how the fairy tale goes but it never happened to me before as my family
wouldn't have a habit of having any grand or surprise birthday celebration nor party.

Well, i always dreamt or wish for surprises done by my future boyfriend or either husband as they would be the one that "Love" you so much to plan such stuffs for you.
Well, in my case, it came TRUE but it wasnt by any prince 
instead my BFF ZOEY !!
It's been years of us together as friends and last year we got much closer after i became Single..
We appeared together on tv shows, attending various events, concerts, shared our friends and eventually
we all clicked whatever zone of groups together. 

She booked me on my birthday itself but beforehand i never thought of celebrating it cause for me 
It would be troublesome to plan for my own party ~ 
It was like another normal day she picked me up and i went for dinner at Kana's curry house ! MMm~ So yummy and i couldnt resist eating em! Then i thought she would just bring me somewhere KL for a drink.
As she went into SS2, I still didnt realize the difference in her attitude where she look so busy driving or checking out gps.. and there when she tries to park in front of this shop where they blocked with chairs i told her : " Kenoot Park here lah~! People book already !! " and as i look out.. there was this bunch of people with familiar faces... !!!
I went "OMGGGGGG!!!!!!"
To me it was such a surprise like a wedding proposal !!
My smile couldn't go any wider seeing all these good friends of mine recently whom have been
so dear to me.

Another surprise when i enter was the decorated part in the corner with helium balloon !!
WOW ! And then ~ I was crowned by Zoey de Souza Queen of @#$%^

With a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and crown and SASH!
I'm officially the PRINCESS for the night !

Buonasera 's awesome dishes!
Imagine after Banana Leaf rice And I have to stuff these much dishes into my tummy!!!
Specially prepared by Chef ENZO , the head chef of the restaurant.

In courtesy of these picture were taken by
Recommended DISHES 
( I hate fats.. but this is irresistible ~ I ate so much !!! )
* Lovely Cabonara ! 
* PIZZAAA Mamamia !! 
( It taste so much different from Pizza hut, dominos etc~ So Italian!)
*Fried SQuid

IT WAS SUPPERR YUMMYYY ~ I instantly transformedddd ! ( Do i Look prettier now?)

Alright ! Enough ~ There... Tiramisu ( the cake which i never ate before !!) Cause I'm allergic to Coffee
However, Since it was specially MADE from an authenthic italian Chef.. the coffee taste wasn't strong at all !
Being a fan of cheese.. OMG! the tooppings were so good ~ It was KNIFE Lickin' GOOD !

Cutting lika SAMURAI ** CHIKK CHAKK**
BLOW the One year old candle ~** CHIKK CHAKK**
This is the benefits of having photographer friends!!~  :P
Well, the Princess has to then order her fellow people some things to do and all had to speak what i tell them
to speak of after sucking the helium from it.
OMG~ Zoey's voice = EPIC ! With her laughter.. 
* Bottom line~ We had a GREAT Laugh as we see so many of us with Surprising Talents!
I had 4 heavy spoons scooped with cakes in my mouth and they had to eat from it.
*Check out JP's expression~ ( the one far left !)
Saliva drooolinggg ~ Hahahaaaaa
Here comes my last surprise and...
TADDAA! I seriously thought a Loaf of bread from ANAND!
It was a box showing swarovski~ 
Unfortunately, I never heard of that brand so i was guessing what was it.
Well, it was a crystal champagne GOLD Necklace !
Thanks BOO for fixing my PHONE !!!! XOXO~

Tadda !! OUR group Photo and our next party headed to Black Magic and i was dancing on stage !!~
Supper was awesome and Within a day ~ I gained 2 kgs !!
Imagine the amount of FOODD in my tummy !

The restaurant for Reference

This is the first time ever i got so surprised. It hit and made me realize, that Love is not about relationships boyfriends etc.. Love is everywhere , it can be from friends, family or anyone ! and I realize, these happened because I cherish my friends, I love them so they love me too. We party, we share our joy , we share our problems , emoness etc without having any thoughts of utilizing each other. Despite our busy complicated life   which makes us tired, we still take the effort to meet up and share our lives. Thank you for worrying me , caring for me and hitting me on the true meaning of friendship. It was a small party but an awesome Quality One and I'm glad everyone enjoyed so much !! Cheers to a Better life and Future for ALL !

Keep UP for my next upcoming post !


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