Would you sell of everything you have for your dreams?


Would you sell of everything you have for your dreams ?
Would you give up years of hardship that leads to stability and security in your comfort zone ?
Would you leave your love ones to explore your dreams ?

Well, believing that there is a price to pay for everything , we can't have everything in the world and
no doubt sacrifices have to be made.
Regardless in achieving dreams to achieve success , wealth of the world.. etc

Recently , I met a Hawaiian couple whom opened my eyes and knowing their story as a traveller touches my soul deeply.
They sold off their house ,car and whatever belongings and even quit their job to travel around the world together. Not knowing the risks they were going to face nor expecting an achievement in return .
They left their love ones and planned to travel around for a year.
As a couple , getting ready to settle down.. WHY?
I couldn't understand why..

Then they replied, this is our Dream.
The dream of not regretting that we have meet so many people , seen the world .
Even we die before bearing a child of our own,
there is contentedness.
For the boldness of our action is also our dream.
For this is our life and we decide it our own way.
Things of the world are to hold and touch.
There are much more out there in the world for us to see and touch.
Spiritually, Emotionally and mentally.

The world nowadays are teaching men the wrong way to enjoy life.
Life is now controlled by the entertainments of the world
and yet we realize, it's in our hands.
So many things for us to learn, so many things for us to see
and what most do everyday is facing a screen.

Now think again.. Would you sacrifice everything for the dream of your own ?
Find it and you will.....

A Special-effect Makeup artist , speaks 7 languages and loves to share her lifestyle, beauty and travelling experience here. She also shares her secret to learning languages on her Youtube channel.

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