Zouk @ Sepang -VIP Party !

Last month was a crazy party period for me !
It was my first time being to a rave party ever ~
Thanks to Anand for the Tickets and bunch of hyped up friends that
made my day go WOWOW!

The lightings were super cool and what i love most is that it's Outdoor!
Despite the sign of NO SMOKING, people were still smoking everywhere.
Oh well, that's why i like it being Outdoor so i dont get trappped under the roof being a passive smoker.
Me, Zoey,Ju Ann
As most know that Zoey is my Best buddy , Ju Ann is also her good buddy as well !
Its just like I'm d younger sista who gives ridiculously crazy advice, whereas Ju Ann as a bigger sister gives a wiser advice.
Zlwin as there to Party as well ~ :)
There, the group mixture of Malaysians and da Singaporeans !
JP , the Gangsta Ah beng Look ~
But never judge a book by its cover,
he is a PURE BANANA and smart fella!
Simon ~ My wise psychologist friend.
I learnt a lot from him !
Ben - All the way from SG!
<3 the Fireworks !

Well, right after the party which ends around 3 and then we headed for the famous
Nasi Lemak at Bangsar. I still remember the taste of it was super good cause i kept eating and eating eventhough I wasnt hungry !
That's the power of YUMMYlicious food !
Right after that , i slept an hour then head to Bukir Jalil Stadium for EASTER SUNDAY!
The praise and worship was so good and also sunrise moments !
Despite my tiredness, God still come first !

Well, during the night at Sepang, I jumped so much till the straw slippers broke !
and.. due to my drunkness, and also we were at VIP zone on a stage, i fell down !
Friends told me that i thought i was superman.. and they tried to warned me but i fell.
Thank GOD it was just a low platform stage.

In April, I made so many Ang Mo friends,
Christian from Norway, the lady from Australia and lastly
Jarryd from South Africa.

Well, i learnt so much of their country by just talking to them and such has made me keen to travel to their country and explore more. Especially Norway! Knowing that my biggest fear is cold weather, thus, i am keen to visit there during it's Summer.

That's all for now.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day !


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