Malaysia's Best Food Directory- LAUNCH at Last !! @ Neverland,KL

Hey Peeps !
DON'T you agree that finding YUMMMY food is like finding the G-spot of a female?
Your friends will ask you to go left, right, up and down and it might not work.
Well, you have to then experience and TASTE IT  then you'll know it !
( quoted by Joanne Kam )

has it ALL ! and they do not hire food specialist to tell you what's yummy,
they get the LOCALS to tell you themself what's YUMMMYY!
from Asian to mediterranian to ang mo and bangla's food !
FROM ALL LOCATIONS( in KL & KlangValley ), Various CUISINES AT your BUDGET ~!
And.... you can Search by Occasions !
So,go check out their website, sign up and what's best, you might get some discounts notice from there !

No doubt i'd be leaving soon to a place of less strong taste.. SO i must not miss this awesome opportunity to EAT as much YUMMYYY food before i leave right !?
The first thing i went in there, of course EAT LAH!!
seee , busy grabbing the foods there...
My appetite was soo BIG and even more after stuck in the jams during rush hour..
And the first food was a Sri Lanken Dish, I mix of sweet onion, their "sambal"and some coconut.
Well, NOT BAD~~ very unique taste..
See, I still can have Sri Lanka's food even I'm not there~ How priviledge~ :D

Next,MEAT WRAPP !! I tried their BEEF wrap aka WRAPSTARZZ and it was awesome !!!!!
Of course not to missed their macaroons and CUPCAKES!
OMG I tried their velvet cupcake, SUPERB! soft and cream cheese was perfect~ <3 it !
Their Popcorn caramel macaroons was good too , Not too sweet like the normal ones~
(no doubt im still gonna add some fats by eating these.. I ATE them all! -YUMMY!)
Check them out ! Aaliyah at Damansara Heights

D. f.i.s.h was there too ! I know their shop cuz it's at SS2 !
An awesome food huntin' location
and... PRAWNS... I love their prawns, asam fish.. blaa blaa~ Ok i admit..
I kept eating their Prawns!!!
Posing for a pic before i test the food ~ ;p
Jenkin and Kelly was also there ! we had cheese Paratha on our hands served HOT and
Yummm~~ more calories addedd~;p
MR Cendol~ My fav malaysian dessert...
You will be surprised how many varieties they can come up with just CENDOL!
Lastly, MY UTMOST fav that is always finishing soo quickly and i had to wait for it ...
It tasted like cheese on top but i asked them they said its COD fish~
I cant figure out how did they made this.. its soo YUMMY~
Im definitely going to FUKUHARU !!!

Check out Debbie eating at FUKUHARU...
Yummm~ OK she's makin me Hungry !
 Not to forget the Lovely and cheecky Joanne Kam from Capital FM!
She's gonna have a Comedy show up and do check it out!
The first ever host that made me laugh till i almost peeed ~
I just admire her confidence and ATTITUDE !

She hosted a few games and it was a Blinde folding food Guessing games!
Poesy Liang was one gorgeous lady invited up for this game and SHE WON !
Smart women isnt she? Everyone didnt know the answer only HER !
She got RM50 voucher worth for Claypot Chicken Rice ~ :)

Well, I would like to thank her to invite Tock for this as Tock invited me then.
She is a very admirable young leader and her stories are very inspiring as she had to fight through stroke and other sickness to be here now !
Read more about Poesy Liang

And me and the fellows were posing behind for the cameras...

Ren was there ( He's gonna open a BURGER LAB soon ! ) Can't wait to TASTE their Handmade BURGERS!!!! Tock~ as usual my fav Buddy
and Jenkin on my right then is from the @Socialgrooves
Lastly , we had champagne, and though it was bitter ; i had a spoon of yummy pistachio ice cream to blend the taste~ ;p
Sweeth Tooth me !!

too bad im leaving soon but nevermind.. when i'm back, pleasssseee reserve me more FOOOODD events..
 :p Especially ICE CREAMS !!
Well, Tock has been a great friend in my life and I admire his ENERGY and social skills with people.
His sincerity is what makes me close to him ~ and you will never regret knowing such hunble young and generous entrepeuner like him !
Kudos ~ @ SOCIALGROOVES.COM  and Check out his post HERE! 


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