Going to Norway !?? No way !!

Ever thought of going to Norway?
When i was telling friends on my plans to Norway, some reacted : Where is it?
YES I AM and Now Im here !
So, before I leave, i gotta give a nice farewell dinner for my family,
and i cooked GINSENG CHICKEN !!
Ooo It was supper yummy ;p
Mum n lil bro brought me to the airport and that was the last pic taken with her. 
Up UP high in the air... I had a TV to myself and sitting next to a Dutch chic, 
we had so much conversations till my transit at Amsterdam.
Then , on the flight to Oslo, i met a Norwegian lady whom was also residing in KL !
Ohhh ~~ she totally changed my perception upon Norwegian's unfriendliness culture  :D
Do you know i went to find Norwegian currency at KL and only found ONE company that had some limited kroners with them? 
And, do take note, Have you ever seen a lady picture on a currency?
Well, Norway is one gender equalized country ! 
Its also famous for it's harbour and clear blue sea :)
And their traditional houses that plants grasses on it !

and MANY MANY MANY More that of im gonna explore and tell you MOREE!!

And here is where is live, central of Oslo

First of all, H&M here is very affordable !!
WAhhhaaa no need Online shopping ;p

Churches are every corner.
Never use them as a recognizing point!
I got lost so many times doing that >_

AND... this is how it looks like 5 oclock in the morning !
It never gets as DARKKK as KL !!
FOOOOD!!!! NOommm nomm

French bread with caviar toppings and cheese bla bla ~ OMG!
Norwegian traditional bread
It's crispy and tasteless yet addictive!!
OK... this isnt a Norwegian dish ; its just that Norwegian dishes are quite plain so most love mexican food here!
Buritoss YUMYY!!
And this is Norwegian's Fish soup with SALMON!
two big pieces of Fresh Salmon here costs RM15
Not bad price !! Im gonna make SUSHI!

And this Aass beer~ hahaha What a name ;p
it tastes like BEER of course!
And lastly an ALCOHOLESS Beer !!!!!!
HAHA really taste like beer, NOT Shandy,
Cause Norway's fine rate for drinking and driving is so bad... that some people wants to have the taste of beer but cant get drunk cause they have to drive..
OOooo ~their fines are very very HIGH!!

Im gonna Show up videos of my adventures here !!! :D



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