Life in Norway ~

If you're worrying about me 
You should be happy for me
Life here in Summer is way much colder
Sweating is not an issue when it comes to much of walking nor hiking
Loneliness is just a word that means nothing here.

Norwegians are conservative 
not to the extend of Asians
yet it's their culture not to go up to a stranger to talk 
as it would intrude other's privacy.
It's true regarding Norway as one of the most expensive country.
For the cheapest meal KEBAB here would costs 49 Kroners =RM25
It's true that Norwegians are mostly skinny
for transport here is sooo expensive and that most would prefer to walk
A train ride per way would costs 30Kroners = RM15 
if you buy from the machine / 7 eleven beforehand.
50Kroners - Rm25 if you buy on the train/ tram or bus.
Therefore, some would NOT PAY to have a ride.
900Kroners fine if they get caught.

Norwegian men would not go up to a chick and hit on her unless it's in a club.
Same goes to a guy asking to buy a Norwegian chic in the club.
TVs here has no english subtitles as all are fully Norwegian.
Typically, Norwegians even they can speak English, they still speak Norsk.
Norwegians love their country,
the terror attack was an impact and many came over the concert regardless how bad the weather was.
Norwegians love the park , the sun and Barbeque in summer 
especially when the weather is good.
Their food are simple , non spicy.
Thus, most would prefer mexican food.

Currently, the gypsies are around the city of Oslo,
begging for money.
Norwegian government are just so nice that they gave them a period to leave 
yet, the gypsies' ignorant left the government to instead provide them shelter and food !
Salaries here for locals are high, so are their costs of living. 

To be continued...........

Luv, Feli~

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